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St. Jean's Cannery & Smokehouse and CWB

St. Jean's Cannery and Smokehouse

Conducting business on the principle that everything is one, interconnected and greatly respectful is standard for St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse, which sells its specialized gourmet seafood to Canada, the U.S and Australia. Owned by five west-coast First Nations, St. Jean’s has achieved long-term success in part through enduring partnerships with community partners and CWB. The values of flexibility, high-touch service and know-your-name friendliness have St. Jean’s ensuring CWB is part of every step in its growth. 

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Paradise Island Foods Cheese Factory and CWB

Paradise Island Foods

When you’re a family-owned business that has served Canadian cheese lovers for 40 years with natural, environmentally responsible and high quality dairy products at a great price, growth is certain. Paradise Island Foods invests in its product, benefits from strong financial returns on their business and credits CWB for providing genuine support, interest and out-of-the-box lending solutions that traditional lenders can’t deliver. Learn more about why President and CEO Len Thomson will continue to rely on CWB to support both the growth of his business and his personal banking needs. 

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Reids birch island resort and CWB

Reid's Birch Island Resort

Phil Reid hails from a a family that has run fishing lodges for over 70 years, and as the owner of Reid’s Birch Island Resort, he knows passion and customer service is crucial to the success of his business. His enthusiasm and drive for success attracted him to CWB, where he found a level of personalized service, attention to detail and fresh perspective that’s helping his business thrive now and into the future. Today, Phil doesn’t just consider his CWB account managers as banks, he considers them his partners. Learn why.

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RailPro Marc Leonard CWB


Marc Leonard needed a bank that understands the construction industry and his clientele. His company, RailPro, provides customized solutions to clients, tailoring his products specifically to what they require, which is something he shares in common with CWB. Find out how our product stability, personal touch and determination for client success has made the 12 years Marc has been a CWB client an experience he hasn’t found anywhere else.

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