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Long-term GICs

You have long range savings goals — we can help

Whatever you're saving for in the future, a long-term GIC can help you reach it faster: 

  • Save for a future expense such as a wedding, a down payment for a home or retirement. 
  • Choose to have your interest automatically paid into a CWB account monthly or annually. 
  • Receive competitive, guaranteed interest rates.
  • Interest can be set to compound annually for terms over one year. 
  • Choose to renew your investment automatically at maturity.
Term 1 to 5 years
Minimum investment  $1,000.00
Interest rate Guaranteed for the length of the term
Interest paid Monthly or annually
  • Take advantage of increased flexibility to select a term that fits your saving needs.
  • Receive competitive, guaranteed interest rates.
  • Ensure your funds are safe and secure.
 Term (months)  Annual interest  Monthly interest1  Gold Leaf Plus® monthly interest2  Compound annual interest


 2.150%  1.900%  2.150%  N/A
 24  2.400%  2.150%  2.400%  2.400%
 36  2.650%  2.400%  2.650%  2.650%
 48  2.800%  2.550%  2.800%  2.800%
 60  2.960%  2.710%  2.960%  2.960%
Effective date: 20-February-18
Minimum $1,000 deposit. Posted rates available at Canadian Western Bank branches only. All rates are calculated on a per annum basis, applicable for deposits up to $5,000,000 and subject to change without notice. For deposits greater than $5,000,000, please contact your branch.

1 Monthly interest is available only if interest is deposited to a CWB account or electronically transferred to an account at another financial institution.
2 A 0.25% rate reduction applies if monthly interest is not deposited into a CWB account.

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