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The following instruments and/or products are eligible for deposit insurance from Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), provided that:

  • They are in Canadian funds.
  • They are payable in Canada.
  • They have a term of no more than five years.

Additional information on restrictions and maximum coverage limitations is outlined in the CDIC brochure Protecting Your Deposits.

  • Apex®  Account
  • Basic Account
  • Gold Leaf PLUS® Account
  • KeyDirect® Chequing Account
  • KeyRate® Savings Account
  • KeyReach® RRSP Savings Account
  • KeyReach TFSA Savings Account
  • Peak Performance®  T-Bill Savings Account  
  • Personal Chequing Account (no longer available)
  • Property Tax Account
  • Standard Chequing Account
  • Student Account
  • Summit Savings Account® 
  • Ultimate Choice®  Account
  • WestEarner®  RRIF Demand Account
  • WestEarner RRSP Demand Account
  • WestEarner TFSA Account
  • Youth Account
  • Business Current Account
  • Business Current Account PLUS
  • Business Savings Account
  • Cash Management Account – Standard
  • Cash Management Account – Large
  • Corporate Notice Account (Also referred to as the Interest Reserve Account)
  • General Trust Account
  • Organization Account
  • Strata Solution® Account (Also referred to as the Condo Reserve Account)
  • Trust Fund Investment Account
  • Canadian Savings Certificate
  • Compound Interest Guaranteed Investment Certificate (Also known as WestEarner Edge GIC)
  • Floating Rate Redeemable Term Deposit
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate
  • The Greater Interest GIC® 
  • KeyGiving®GIC
  • KeyReturn®GIC
  • KeyReach RRSP GIC
  • KeyReach TFSA GIC
  • WestEarner Convertible RRIF
  • WestEarner Convertible RRSP
  • WestEarner Equity Builder RRSP (Currently unavailable)
  • WestEarner Equity Builder RRSP - S&P TSX60 based (Currently unavailable) (formerly known as WestEarner Equity Builder SSP - S&P TSE60 based)
  • WestEarner Fully Redeemable RRIF
  • WestEarner Partially Redeemable RRIF (No longer Available)  
  • WestEarner Guaranteed Investment Certificate RRIF (No longer available)
  • WestEarner Guaranteed Investment Certificate RRSP (No longer available)
  • WestEarner High Rise GIC RRSP
  • WestEarner High Rise TFSA GIC
  • WestEarner Premium GIC RRIF
  • WestEarner Premium GIC RRSP
  • WestEarner TFSA GIC
  • Valiant Trust Fully Redeemable RRIF
  • Valiant Trust Premium GIC RRSP
  • Valiant Trust Premium GIC RRIF
  • Valiant Trust Premium Convertible RRSP
  • Valiant Trust Premium Convertible RRIF
  • Valiant Trust Premium GIC Long Term
  • Valiant Trust Premium GIC Short Term
  • Canadian dollar drafts
  • Canadian dollar money orders (No longer Available)
  • Certified cheques
  • Settlement Accounts for unremitted sales of third party items
  • Suspense Accounts for unposted items
  • Term deposits paid out with cheques not yet cleared

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To learn more about CDIC coverage contact 1.800.461.CDIC (1.800.461.2342).

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