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Fixed rate mortgages

Choose security and peace of mind

Choosing a fixed rate mortgage means:

  • You get a locked in interest rate that won’t change over the length of the term.
  • Your payments are set and won’t change.

If you have a set budget, a fixed rate mortgage might be right for you.

 6 month open  6.450%
 1 year open  6.300%
 1 year closed  3.140%
 2 year closed  3.040%
 3 year closed  3.650%
 4 year closed  4.200%
 5 year closed  4.740%
Unless otherwise indicated, interest rate compounded semi-annually, not in advance.

Effective Date: 20-March-17

Posted rates available at branches only. All rates are per annum and are subject to change without notice.


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