We're enhancing our password security

Passwords are one of the primary mechanisms that protect our systems and resources from unauthorized access. Poor passwords increase the risk of unauthorized access to our systems. As part of our ongoing measures to strengthen the security of our digital banking platforms, we are implementing a requirement for strong passwords on the CWBdirect Business Online Banking.

Business User Administrators (BUAs) who are creating new users or updating passwords for existing users will be required to set strong passwords. A user who is prompted to set a strong password won’t be able log in to CWBdirect Business Online Banking if they don’t update their password.

Our forced password change initiative is starting with users with the oldest existing passwords, requiring them to update their passwords when they log in to CWBdirect Business Online Banking. This initiative will continue until December 11, 2019. After December 11, users who have not logged in will be disabled. BUAs may reset the user’s access. After 90 days, if access has not been reinstated, the user will be automatically deleted.

To pick a secure password, the BUA user has to select a password that is strong and is not part of a list of most commonly password used. It is highly recommended that instead of BUA users generating strong passwords on their own that they simply select “Click to generate a random password”. An example of this is highlighted below.

CWBDirect Business Password

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please reach out to your local branch.