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We’re a bank for Canadian business owners who want expert advice and specialized financial services for their business banking, personal banking and wealth management needs. Our relationship-based approach means our people know our clients and their industries, and they ask the right questions to provide the right financial solutions.

Business banking

Canadian Western Bank's targeted complement of financial solutions assist businesses with their operating, lending and investment needs. We are experts in:

  • General commercial banking
  • Cash management services
  • Commercial real estate financing
  • Real estate construction financing
  • Equipment financing and leasing

Specialized financing is offered across Canada by relationship managers whose in depth industry knowledge serves to get the deal done right.


Personal banking

Canadian Western Bank offers a full complement of personal banking services including chequing and savings accounts, mortgages, loans and investment products.

Visit one of our 42 branches across Canada or contact us online.


CWB Financial Group

CWB Financial Group provides specialized service in business and personal banking, trust and wealth management across Canada. Through our network of branches, business offices and our mobile relationship teams, we're helping clients grow their businesses, manage their money and realize their financial potential.

CWB Financial Group is a diversified financial services organization providing specialized service in banking, trust and wealth management. Since 1984, we’ve grown from a single branch operating in Edmonton, Alberta, to a western-based, federally regulated financial institution with a national presence.



Canadian Western Bank offers specialty business banking services for small- and medium-sized companies with a focus on general commercial, equipment financing, and construction and real estate project financing. commercial real estate financing, real estate construction financing, and equipment financing and leasing. Full-service personal banking options, including chequing and savings accounts, loans, mortgages and investment products, are also available. 

CWB Equipment Financing provides industrial equipment financing and leasing solutions for companies with requirements between $100,000 and $50 million.

CWB Franchise Finance specializes in supporting the business and growth of franchisees and franchisors within the hospitality and restaurant industries.

CWB National Leasing is a leader in commercial equipment leasing for a variety of industries across Canada and offers lease financing solutions for deals that range from $5,000 to $2 million.

CWB Maxium Financial provides structured loans and customized leasing solutions up to $10 million in niche industries across Canada.

CWB Optimum Mortgage works with brokers to provide customized lending solutions for clients who don’t fit the traditional ‘A’ lending guidelines.

Motive Financial is an online bank that offers personal banking products including chequing, savings, RRSPs and TFSAs.


Canadian Western Trust provides personalized trustee and custodial solutions for mid-sized pension plans, brokerage firms, investment managers, endowments, individual mortgage investors and other investment pools.


CWB Wealth Management provides discretionary portfolio management and investment advisory services, as well as a range of wealth management and financial planning products and services. Its affiliates include McLean & Partners Wealth Management and Canadian Western Financial. 

CWB McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. manages personal investment portfolios for high-net-worth individuals based on seven distinct strategies that offer a balanced trade-off between risk and reward.

Canadian Western Financial provides objective advice and personalized recommendations to help clients achieve their investment goals. CWF is a registered mutual funds dealer, offering the CWB Onyx Portfolio Series™, CWB Core Mutual Funds™ and a selection of other leading mutual fund solutions through Canadian Western Bank’s branch network.


Inspired by dealings with financial institutions that didn’t fully understand the unique dynamics of doing business in Western Canada, CWB’s founders, Dr. Charles Allard and Eugene Pechet, decided to start a bank headquartered in the West for the West. They envisioned a bank that would provide levels of service unheard of at other financial institutions. Management practices would be nimble and non-bureaucratic, with local decision-making based on prudence and common sense. The overall goal was to achieve continuous, sustainable growth. Since then, we’ve come a long way as an organization, but share those same fundamental ideals. We’ve broadened our financial service offerings—now providing service in banking, trust services and wealth management—and have expanded our reach across Canada.

Highlights of our growth story include:

  • 1984: Bank of Alberta is chartered as a Schedule I bank
  • 1988: Canadian Western Bank is born through the amalgamation of Bank of Alberta and Western & Pacific Bank of Canada
  • 1990: Larry Pollock becomes President & CEO
  • 1994: CWB completes amalgamation with North West Trust
  • 1996: CWB acquires Aetna Trust and rebrands as Canadian Western Trust
  • 1999: CWB becomes a mutual funds dealer under the umbrella of Canadian Western Financial
  • 2004: CWB acquires Canadian Direct Insurance and Valiant Trust (Vancouver, Calgary)
  • 2008: CWB launches an online division, Canadian Direct Financial
  • 2008: CWB acquires majority ownership of Adroit Investment Management (Edmonton)
  • 2010: CWB acquires National Leasing (Winnipeg)
  • 2013: Chris Fowler is appointed as President & CEO
  • 2013: CWB acquires majority ownership of McLean & Partners Wealth Management (Calgary)
  • 2013: CWB celebrates 100 consecutive profitable quarters
  • 2015: CWB divests Canadian Direct Insurance and assets of Valiant Trust
  • 2016: CWB acquires Maxium Financial Services and Desante Financial Services and rebrands to CWB Maxium Financial
  • 2016: CWB acquires the loan portfolio and related business assets of GE Capital’s Canadian franchise financing business and rebrands to CWB Franchise Finance.

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