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Foreign Exchange (FX) Solutions

Protect your profits from currency risk by locking in exchange rates.

Through our partnership with Western Union Business Solutions, you can guard your business against currency risk and focus on protecting your profits impacted by FX currency exposure.

  • No matter the size of your business, manage the ebbs and flows of currency volatility by working with and applying foreign exchange risk management solutions from our partner, Western Union Business Solutions.
  • Benefit from stabilized cash flows, higher quality earnings, and cost certainty for your business by hedging your FX currency exposure.
  • Protect profits against currency fluctuation by locking in an exchange rate in advance by working with a dedicated FX dealer who works to understand your business.
  • Work with a dedicated FX dealer to help you select and develop risk management solutions and strategies.
  • Customize your business plan to include the right FX solutions for your business. One size does not fit all and implementing a hedging strategy can provide more reliable forecasting for your business and more predictable cash flows and profits.
  • Reduce risk when receiving foreign currency from international sales or making payments in foreign currencies by using hedging tools that include:
    • Forward contracts 
    • Vanilla options        
    • Structured options

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