CWB Visa Business Cards

CWB Visa* Business Cards

The smart way to simply your spending and better manage your business’ cash flow and expenses.  

Simplify your spending

  • Effectively control and monitor spending by giving cards to select employees and setting individual spending limits.
  • With the MyCardInfo online card management tool, you can easily access online reporting, track employee credit expenses, monitor balances and credit limits, plus view updated statements.
  • With purchasing convenience, cost savings, available credit, and detailed reporting, you’ll have what you need to nurture your business and help it grow.
  • CWB Visa Business Cards are a proud partner with Visa SavingsEdge. Register your card at to receive automatic cash rewards when you use your card at participating merchants.
  • From cash back on your everyday purchases to valuable travel benefits and rewards, we have a Visa* card to fit your business
Infinite Card

CWB Visa Infinite Business Card

It’s time to reward your business with generous benefits and exceptional services.

The CWB Visa Infinite Business* Card offers hassle free travel rewards, plus gets you access to luxury hotel benefits, a complimentary concierge, exclusive dining events and more. 

Annual Fee $99 
Additional Card Fee $50 
Annual Interest Rate - purchases 19.99% fixed 
Annual Interest Rate - cash advances 21.00% fixed 
Rewards ratio                                                                                     2 points for every eligible $1
Low Rate Card

CWB Low Rate Visa Business Card

Manage your business’ cash flow and protect your bottom line.

If your company normally carries a balance on your credit card or uses a credit card to manage the expense of large purchases, you could save monthly with a CWB Low Rate Visa* Business Card.

Annual fee $25
Additional card fee $5
Annual interest rate - purchases 12.90% fixed
Annual interest rate - cash advances 21.00% fixed
No Fee Cash Back

CWB No Fee Cash Back Visa Business Card

Earn cash rewards on everyday business purchases - it’s an easy way to add extra money to your bottom line.

With no annual fee, it doesn’t matter if you're buying office supplies, filling up with gas or entertaining clients - it all adds up to valuable cash back.

Annual Fee  $0
Additional card fee  $0
Annual interest rate - purchases 19.90% fixed
Annual interest rate - cash advances 21.00% fixed
Rewards ratio 1 points for every eligible $2 spent

Our new partnership with Collabria

As part of our ongoing efforts to serve you better, we are excited to announce our new partnership with Collabria, a Canadian-based card provider, to deliver simple and flexible card payment solutions and customer service you can count on.

Collabria is made up of a combination of three financial companies with more than 100+ years of collective experience, built with the needs of business owners in mind.

Learn more about Collabria

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