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Keep your banking safe

Set up multi-factor authentication to keep fraudsters away

How to set up multi-factor authentication

Click-along with this demo or scan the steps below

Multi-factor authentication is a new security measure being put in place. It requires clients to add two ways to verify their identity when logging into an application or online portal. Using multi-factor authentication significantly reduces your risk of being victim of a cyber-attack.  


Quick guide

Before you begin
  •  Grab your bank card and your mobile device
Step 1
  • Select your multi-factor authentication communication preference; it can be either SMS or voice call.
  • Then, select “Set up.”
Step 2
  • If you picked SMS enter your mobile device phone number; if you picked voice call enter your landline phone number.
  • Then, select “Send Code.”
Step 3
  • Enter the verification code.
  • Then, select “Verify.”
Step 4: You're finished! 
  • Select “Finish.”
  • Your multi-factor authentication is set up.