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Online Policy Statement
  1. About Us
  2. Security at CWB
  3. Creating a more secure account

Creating a secure account starts with a strong password

In order for us to ensure that you are the only one accessing your accounts, we need a unique way of knowing that it's you. Your password helps us make sure you are the only one who can access your accounts. 

Password tips: 

  • Length: Your password must be between 12 and 30 characters. 
  • Complex: Your password must contain one uppercase, one lower case, one numeric and one of the following special characters !@#$%*
  • Unique: Ensure your CWB password is different from passwords you use at other businesses. Do not use your PIN as part of your password or other commonly known information like your name or address.
  • Confidential: Never write your password down or store it in a file on your computer. Never disclose your password to anyone in a voicemail, email or over the phone. CWB will never phone you asking for your password. 
  • Frequent: Change your password every three months
  • Remember your password easily with the help of a password manager: Operating systems (Android, iOS, etc.) or browsers (Chrome, Edge, etc.) offer password managers to help you generate and keep track of complex passwords. A password manager is an application that is used to create, store and manage passwords for your various online accounts. It generates a complex password, then stores the password in an encrypted format and only provides secure access to all the passwords by using a master password. We recommend the use of a password manager to help you create and remember your complex passwords while keeping them safe.