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Building on a Vision: How CWB’s Vancouver Real Estate (VRE) Group Aims to Grow

Real estate in the Greater Vancouver Area can be a challenging world to navigate. But Jenny Siman and her team at the Vancouver Real Estate (VRE) Group have big plans.

Change is generally difficult, whether that be for an individual or an organization. However, both CWB and Jenny Siman seem to thrive on the challenge of changing.

While originally coming from another financial institution, the initial move to CWB over a decade ago was very thoughtful and deliberate for Jenny.
“At the time, and still today, CWB’s focus has been on business owners and businesses in general — that focus sits well with me. We put our clients first, and you believe it!” 
Jenny was recently named as the new Vice President & Branch Manager at Vancouver Real Estate (VRE) Group. “Real estate is a very big part of the bank,” says Jenny about the importance of the VRE. “We have deep relationships with the clients we deal with in the real estate market.” she adds. “Our business may be defined as real estate but it’s very much about our relationships with our clients, and making sure that we continuously build on these relationships and deliver on what we’re good at. We’re all about common sense lending, and we’re known for being nimble.”

Wanted: More than the status quo

Jenny is excited about elevating her team, which will help her to meet her vision for the future of the VRE Group. She explains that the skills for being successful in real estate banking are sometimes not immediately evident and what often makes a perfect candidate is how well they align with CWB’s corporate values.

“CWB is very creative and good at providing well-balanced packages. It’s all about teamwork and camaraderie,” says Jenny.
“For the VRE, we focus on finding the right people for the right positions, highlighting our shared values.”
“I think back to 2011 and when I decided to explore the corporate real estate world, and I wasn’t fully proficient at it,” she says. “But I was given an opportunity, and I want to be able to give others that same opportunity and help them develop what is missing.”

Throughout her tenure with CWB, Jenny has, at times, taken lateral moves in her career to help expand her knowledge of various areas and products. It’s her goal to help facilitate this same kind of growth and learning in her team through helping and mentoring them in their own career journey within the bank.

A bright future ahead

Jenny’s history and experience in real estate highlights the powerful reputation of VRE and their ability to handle portfolios of varying degrees of depth. “I’m happy to bring my history and experience to this already incredible team,” Jenny says.

Looking ahead in leading this team, Jenny knows that there is a great foundation already established within CWB’s VRE. The technical side of real estate lending is not what she believes will help carry this team’s future growth and success. Finding the balance between the art and science of business is what will help create new opportunities for developing new solutions.

“Another bank may be a little more reserved in doing business in the Vancouver market,” says Jenny. “Having the right ideas and taking advantage of opportunities will help us win as a bank. I want to grow personally and professionally, grow my team and grow the business while working together through any challenges we may encounter along the way.”