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Culture through Connection: The 6 Degrees World Forum & CWB

Featuring some of the most prominent thinkers and organizers from across the street and across the globe, 6 Degrees looks to advance cultural understanding through open and honest discussion.

There was a theory put forward — and then confirmed about 10 years ago — that each human on this planet is only six degrees of separation away from any other person. This encapsulates the theme of inclusion and diversity inherent in the 6 Degrees World Forum events taking place across the country. 

The Calgary event, held on March 14, tackled the divisive forces currently impacting the attitudes and actions of people across all parts of the globe at all levels of power and influence. Speakers at the Calgary event showcased ideas from prominent Canadian thinkers, including the 26th Governor General of Canada Adrienne Clarkson, award winning author John Ralston Saul and artist Jan (JD) Derbyshire. CWB was a proud sponsor of the event, helping to bring all Canadians together through the spirit of arts and culture.

Global citizens, local impact


“I joined the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), who put on the 6 Degrees events, about six months ago after moving to Toronto,” says Stephen Maycher, the Regional Director at CWB Equipment Financing in Ontario. “I got involved with a few of their citizenship ceremonies and from there I joined up with the 6 Degrees campaign.” 

6 Degrees events are conferences featuring discussions between prominent thinkers, writers, celebrities, and activists from all over the world, as well as local community members, artists and business leaders, to explore pressing contemporary issues such as inclusion and citizenship. Since 2016, 6 Degrees has been bringing global ideas together and sharing them with thousands of participants. Past events have been hosted in Toronto, Vancouver, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and have featured guests such as Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei and Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood. 
The ultimate goal of 6 Degrees is to hold open conversations and exchange ideas around belonging, social connection and identity.
The topics covered, like arts and culture, can help push boundaries for inclusive voices to begin exploring how the use of language and shifts in fundamental ways of thinking can change attitudes around belonging. Participants come away with a better understanding of what they can do to create more welcoming and empowered communities. 

Employing multiple perspectives


Reflecting CWB’s commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workplace, support for 6 Degrees was born from a natural alignment of shared values.
“This initiative highlights our focus on inclusion and getting involved with diversifying our workplace and our workforce,”
says Stephen. “It helps with engagement and innovation, problem solving and having different perspectives on problems.”

CWB also listens to its employees and looks for opportunities for alignment wherever possible. Stephen originally engaged with ICC and 6 Degrees on his own. “The engagement started at a personal level, then I brought it to CWB. It’s great that it works on both sides of my life,” says Stephen. “That’s one thing that CWB has a big push on in terms of supporting employees getting involved in their communities.” 

CWB is proud to partner with and sponsor an organization supporting new Canadians and fostering environments that lead strengthened diversity and inclusion in our society, and we look forward to the future these citizens are building. Learn more about CWB’s commitment to community investment