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Knowing our clients

Why do you need this piece of information from me?

The more we know about you and your business, the better we'll be able to support you.

When you sit down and meet with us, it’s 100 per cent guaranteed we’re going to have as many questions for you (or more!) as you do for us.


“It’s not unusual for clients to be dealing with multiple financial institutions. Likewise, it’s not unusual for a client to ask, ‘Why do you need to know this or that? I’ve only asked you to help me with this one specific piece’,” says Giselle Pieczonka, Relationship Manager, Cash Management at CWB’s Winnipeg Banking Centre


She says the intention is to have a complete view so the CWB team can make better recommendations and provide a more strategic level of service. She notes, for example, really understanding what’s going on with a client on the cash side is particularly useful when coming up with a loan strategy.


Assistant Vice President, Business Development Trevor Palmer, who’s based out of CWB’s Leduc Banking Centre in Alberta, echoes this. He points out that when considering how a loan is going to be funded you need to have a good understanding of the cash resources that are available to the client to pay it down.


He says there’s a direct correlation between the ability to make great decisions and how much you know about a client, and he offers this analogy.


“Say you’re 45 and you go to the doctor with a sore knee after slipping and falling on the ice. But what you haven’t told them is that at 20 your knee was hit with a baseball bat during a game. That context could be really helpful to how efficiently the doctor approaches things,” says Palmer. “Likewise, say 10 years ago you fell on hard times and had to declare bankruptcy. And you’re hesitant to share that information with us because you think we’ll automatically say no to giving you a loan. But just because you’ve declared bankruptcy once doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t come up with a solution. Being open and honest – on both sides – is what helps us come up with the best strategies as your banking partner.” 


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