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Lessons Earned: Why relationships matter

Marc Leonard's company, RailPro, tailors his products specifically to what his clients require, which is something he shares in common with CWB.

With over 35 years’ experience in construction, Marc Leonard is a business veteran having headed his own company RailPro for over 14 years, which supplies and installs custom railing and decking for residential and commercial construction. Serving Alberta and broader Canadian markets, Marc has built his business from a one-man shop to a thriving enterprise that’s completed over $30 million worth of construction projects, products and services to date.

As a homegrown Albertan, Marc was keen to build a business that would serve western Canada. And he chose a bank that was homegrown too, because they understand his clientele and markets.

Marc has been a Canadian Western Bank client for 12 years. “The staff are great to deal with,” says Marc. “They’re real people behind the numbers, and you feel that you’re being heard when it comes to your individual needs.” In particular, Marc valued the level of support CWB provided to him when his company was just beginning. “When I was starting my business, my financial backers recommended using CWB for my business banking needs, as they had very positive experiences themselves. And I’m glad I went with CWB.”

One of the hallmarks of Marc’s business is a focus on providing customized products tailored specifically to his clients’ wants and needs. This also reflects the same ethos behind Canadian Western Bank’s approach to serving business banking clients like RailPro.

Marc appreciates how his CWB Account Manager helped guide him through his company’s earliest stages. And CWB continued that same dedicated support when Marc’s business grew, providing practical, common sense approaches.

“With other banks, it seems as though you have to jump through lots of hoops and barriers when it comes to finding a solution that works for you but at CWB they’re focused on removing the barriers to make things happen,” says Marc. “They not only point out various options that would work for your unique circumstance but also go one step further in encouraging you along the way.”

This kind of support from CWB has factored into the continued expansion of Marc’s business, with the bank providing the necessary financing when he’s been ready to move into other markets. “They’ve been quite forthcoming with loans for me, and I’ve even found that I can get a better interest rate at CWB for a car loan too,” says Marc. His biggest areas of growth are customer products, having just finished a project in Regina, SK for one of the largest residential property owners in western Canada. And Marc sees this as a springboard for further opportunities in that realm. 

Marc further shares, “When we encountered a challenge in our business, CWB actually sent out a staff person to assist so we had the precise services we needed at the time to solve our particular issue.” Because of that level of personalized service, Marc has chosen CWB for his personal banking services as well.

When it comes to service delivery, Marc also expects a bank to have some level of stability and continuity in their service offerings. “Even if an Account Manager changes, I want to know that the products won’t change every two months so that I have a stable base to work with when doing my business banking,” says Marc. “And CWB delivers on that front.”

“Relationship-wise, CWB is also friendlier than other banks I’ve dealt with in the past,” Marc adds. “They actually seem to take a genuine interest in how your business is functioning, as well as how your family is doing on a personal level. “It’s a great give and take relationship that they have not only with their clients but also the communities in which they operate.”

In closing, Marc reflects on how profoundly supportive CWB has been for him personally as well as for his business. “CWB was outstanding in helping my family when buying our home, which I haven’t experienced anywhere else,” says Marc. “They truly went out of their way to make the loan happen for us, with Account Managers working together to find a solution.” 

Like his financial backers did, Marc has recommended CWB to his friends and associates. “Anytime I hear about someone I know who’s had a bad experience with another bank, I always tell them to take their business banking to CWB instead,” says Marc.

“They really go above and beyond for their clients, and I’ve really appreciated what they’ve done for us all these years. And I’m looking forward to working with them well into the future,” says Marc.

Interested in learning more about what CWB can do for you and your business? Contact us today!