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Our People, Passion and Purpose: Amanda Quinn

A celebrated troubleshooter, Pillars of Excellence winner Amanda Quinn reflects on how she’s grown to become her best self at CWB.

For 13 out of the 15 years Amanda Quinn has worked in banking she has built a rewarding career at Canadian Western Bank (CWB). Today, she’s a Cash Management Officer with the Kenaston Branch in Winnipeg, MB. Since joining CWB, she has fostered a formidable reputation across Canada of being knowledgeable and dependable throughout the entire organization. And that expertise and stalwart reliability have earned her CWB’s annual Pillars of Excellence award.

However, when Amanda first considered a job with CWB, she didn’t know anything about the bank that would eventually change her life. “I was just perusing the online ads, and I felt like the employment ad was directed towards me,” explains Amanda. “On a whim, I happened to find the ad and apply. But what’s kept me here is the environment. The bank is focused on putting the right people in the right jobs.”

The company’s commitment to the growth and development of its employees is what continually inspires Amanda to give the most she can in her role.

Nurturing and investing in people

During the first year of her career with CWB, Amanda continued to take business courses as part of her professional development. And when she was given an assignment in one of those courses to interview a Human Resources professional, she looked to her own internal HR team at CWB. Without hesitation, they quickly suggested someone for her to connect with.

“After I spoke to this gentleman on the phone, I then looked him up and discovered it was Uve Knaak, who was Vice President of Human Resources at that time,” Amanda recalls. “At my previous jobs, this would never have happened! At CWB, a VP took time out of his day to help me with my homework, and I never forgot the lasting impression that had on me.”

CWB has never been a stranger to supporting employees’ professional development. Amanda points to the support she received during many of her courses and how the bank has helped her grow as a person, even beyond her traditional education. She notes that the training and mentorship she received while working in her first management position with CWB helped her to become more balanced in regards to her communications and interpersonal skills, which had a positive impact on her personal relationships outside of work.

“I’m a very blunt and direct person, which is good for many situations,” says Amanda. “Through my work life, though, I learned to soften that, and it’s helped my personal life. My mentors here helped me to become a more well-rounded person.”

Inspired to go above and beyond

Taking a cue from how her mentors at CWB went above and beyond to help her, Amanda has applied that approach in everything she does for the bank. She explains that working to help others is second nature to her, and everyone else with the bank shares that same attitude.

“If I’m assisting you with something, and then I notice you have another three areas you need help on, I don’t just leave them; I help with the rest,” Amanda points out.
“Because the bank encourages all of us to help each other, it just motivates you overall to be your best self at work.”
And this mindset extends beyond company walls. Seeing leadership taking active roles in community-based campaigns like the United Way further reinforces for Amanda how important being people-focussed and community-minded is for CWB. So, finding the motivation to be closely invested in her CWB team and helping her community came naturally.

The importance of listening

When she compares her current role at CWB to previous employers, she also noticed a stark contrast in attitude towards new ideas. She remembers a time when she made a suggestion at a past workplace, and was quickly told by her supervisors that it wasn’t her place to give ideas. In her 13-year career with CWB, she has never been discouraged to share her ideas.

“Why listen to one or two brains when you can listen to hundreds?” Amanda proclaims. She goes on to espouse why listening and collaborating is so important throughout the organization. “This is something we pride ourselves on."
"This is a place that encourages you, and wants to see you succeed.”
Today, Amanda notes that her favourite part of her job is how often she’s relied upon to provide support. Whether it’s to help with computer systems or provide advice on a client concern, she’s become a go-to person for employees not only across departments but across provinces for lending a helping hand when needed. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Even in provinces far away, people know to call me for help,” Amanda remarks. “The fact I can help others, and the bank encourages you to share your ideas and rewards you for them are the key reasons I’ve stayed with CWB for so long.”