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Our People, Passion and Purpose: Diana Tran

Diana Tran is leading the charge into a new territory at CWB, working as an Account Manager at CWB’s Virtual Branch, in finding solutions for customers who don’t have a local CWB branch.

During this past school year, Diana Tran spoke to her son’s first grade class about what she does for a living. Explaining banking to a group of six-year-olds might have proved difficult for some. But Diana knows the ins and outs of banking better than most.

Working with so many teams within CWB before landing her current role as an Account Manager with the Virtual Branch has given Diana a lot of knowledge about how the banking ecosystem works. And she uses this knowledge to better help her team within the Virtual Branch.

“I’m affectionately known as the ‘Google’ of Virtual Branch,” says Diana, who explains that the knowledge and experience she brings to her role coupled with her commitment to helping out the Virtual Branch team has earned her a Pillar of Excellence Award.

“I’ve been with CWB for almost nine years, and I’ve been in a number of different roles. My knowledge and relationships with multiple teams within the bank has really helped me with finding solutions for my team.”

Finding passion in helping others


According to Diana, two factors ultimately influenced her decision to join CWB. The first is her knack for numbers. The second is her passion for helping others. But she stresses that what initially brought her to CWB is less important than what’s kept her with the bank. She’s helped to develop internal processes and procedures to support her colleagues in finding solutions to their challenges.

Starting her career in retail management and moving into banking allowed Diana to not only find an employer who took work-life balance as seriously as she does, but also finding an environment that aligned with her personal values. With these values so closely aligned, Diana is able to integrate her passion into the work she does.

“I’m passionate about helping businesses and my clients manage their money and find the right products and services to fit what they need,” says Diana.

She explains that she doesn’t see herself as merely selling a product but instead providing solutions to problems her clients might have.

Size can make a difference


Diana points out that because CWB is a smaller bank she can find solutions uniquely tailored for her clients with a lot more outside the box thinking. She prides herself in being able to have in-depth conversations with her clients to help guide them in finding the products best suiting their needs.

“For me, I get a lot of satisfaction from helping other people and it’s what I’m known for and part of my brand,” says Diana. “It drives my job satisfaction overall to help people find solutions to their problems and that drives me to come to work every day and do my best in going above and beyond. If I wasn’t passionate about it, I wouldn’t feel as valued as I do in the workplace.”

The value that Diana feels as an employee of CWB is rooted in many of the benefits and programs aimed at positively impacting the lives and communities of the people who work with the bank. She points to the leadership training programs offered by CWB and the annual balance days, which is a paid full day off that employees can spend however they like. She explains that her balance day is spent with her young son on his birthday every September.

“Our HR team takes to heart the feedback that comes from employees and are working to implement improvements,” says Diana. She points out that she was able to network and connect with other like-minded and ambitious peers through some of the leadership programs CWB offers. “CWB is headed in the right direction with these programs and more people are adopting them.”

Being part of a unique team


Diana’s cash management role is unique in and of itself, and the Virtual Branch is also a unique offering from CWB to match. This branch operates just like any other bank location, but it has no actual physical space. This gives CWB an opportunity to serve clients in areas where a physical location doesn’t yet exist. It offers a variety of CWB Financial Group products, services and financial advice through a technology-rich mix of delivery channels. Having the ability to be everywhere gives Diana and her team a powerful ability to help others succeed.

Diana talks about her skills in consuming knowledge and remembering it well as a key to not only her success with CWB but also to the Virtual Branch’s overall success. “We’re motivated to be the best and do the best, and as a team we’re going to help you with that,” Diana says about how she sees CWB’s culture and environment. The Virtual Branch team is still new, but with team members like Diana at the helm, this distinctive part of the bank is able to continually find new ways to meet client needs.