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Workplace culture

Supportive workplace culture can make all the difference

When Amanda Nejat, Risk Operations Coordinator, first applied to CWB as a receptionist, she simply wanted to find employment. “I didn’t know much about the bank when I first applied,” she says. But five years later, she now considers CWB to be a second home.

“I have very few comfort zones,” she says. “One is my house and the other is my office.” 

Amanda is not alone. Since the bank’s beginnings in the late 1980s, a people-first culture has been built from the ground up. 


Growing where you’re planted

As a receptionist on the 30th floor of CWB’s Corporate Office in downtown Edmonton, Amanda’s outgoing personality began to shine. “I would chat with people as they came and went, and even though I would work mostly alone at the desk, it was where I really began to build relationships at CWB. I knew I wanted a role with more people interaction,” she adds.

With her natural affinity for organization and friendly disposition, it was less than a year before staff took notice that she was willing and eager to help. Amanda was promoted to administrative assistant, which better reflected her work and allowed her room to continue growing her skills. Less than two years later, she was once again tasked with more responsibilities and promoted to another position that better reflected her work: Risk Operations Coordinator.

“I’m an ambitious person, and I have the need to always grow and do more,” Amanda says. “When I asked for that here, they helped me open those doors. A lot of companies say it, but CWB actually does it.

Through good times and bad

Amanda has also found support from her co-workers in her professional development as well as in her personal life outside of the bank.

For the majority of 2020, she needed to take a leave of absence to address some health concerns. However, this didn’t stop her team from being just as present and supportive as before. 


“There were so many calls, cards, and flowers; everyone just cared so much,” she recalls. “My husband also works at CWB, and I don’t think there was a day where he came home and didn’t tell me that so-and-so says hello or asked how I was doing.”


And when Amanda was ready to return to work, it was like she had never left.


“In coming back, I felt like I got a big piece of my life back after setting my health right,” she says. “Work reminds me of who I was before, where I was needed and valued, as well as had a purpose and routine.”


She also credits this return to normalcy in her work life with kickstarting the return to the rest of her life. 

“I couldn’t have gotten any part of my life back to normal without CWB,” she says. “It’s nice to have your work and your friends back in your life.” 

Only place to go is up

Working at CWB has taken Amanda far beyond the original receptionist role to which she applied, and her hope is that she will be able to continue on her path of career growth and discovery.

CWB Financial Group was recognized as number 28 on 2021’s Best Workplaces™ in Canada.  Consistently ranking high on the camaraderie trust-building dimension, many of Amanda’s teal-mates agree CWB’s culture is caring and supportive. And through the help of co-workers and teammates who she now considers friends, there’s little doubt that she will keep finding opportunities.

“One of our values is ‘people first,’ but it’s one thing to say it and another to do it,” Amanda says. “You’re not going to get a culture like this anywhere else.”


If you’re interested in joining our culture and our team, check out our careers page to find your best fit. 

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