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The best investment strategy starts with you Using mutual funds to adapt to your financial needs

CWB’s Vince Lee knows TFSA mutual funds success lies in finding the right balance of risk and reward.

Vince Lee, Senior Account Manager with Canadian Western Bank, has been mutual funds licensed for 10 years and recognizes the value of putting mutual funds into a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). It’s an investment strategy that comes with some risk, but equal reward.

“For people who are looking for growth inside their investment portfolio, investing in a mutual fund is one way of getting there,” says Lee. He explains that there are different options within a TFSA, including TFSA savings or TFSA GIC, however, the return on those options is usually quite low because the investment principal is guaranteed. “With mutual funds there is the potential for higher returns because it’s based on the performance of the market.”

Investments for all 

Of course, with growth comes some measure of volatility, but Lee cautions against assuming all mutual funds are inherently high risk.
“There is a misconception that all mutual funds are high risk and that’s not the case. For mutual funds, there are different types of risk ratings ranging from low to high. It depends on what is your risk appetite.”  
However, before making a decision about what to do with your money, Lee always suggests sitting down with an investment advisor who will undertake a “discovery process” to make sure that mutual funds are the right option for your TFSA.

Meeting you where you are

For Lee, life stages often determine the right investment vehicle. “People in the 30-45 age range are usually well-established in their careers, their incomes tend to be more stable, and they may start considering about retirement in the near future. If they have not already considered retirement planning, this is a great time to talk to an investment advisor. It is never too early to discuss about retirement planning,” he offers. Through talking to a skilled professional, you can see if you’re on track to meet your retirement objectives and what investment tools are available to get you there faster.

It is also important to understand how inflation is measured and how the real rate of return is calculated. “For a client who wants to invest in mutual funds, there is potential for a better return when the market is good and you could meet your personal goals sooner. There are a variety of funds that investors can select from, including fixed income, balanced and growth. For Lee, that’s where the value of an investment advisor comes in. “Narrowing down the right product or having the right mutual funds can be overwhelming because of all the choices, but that’s where an investment advisor can help.”


Mutual funds are distributed by Canadian Western Financial, please speak to a CWF Mutual Representative for specific details.