Cash Management Account

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Cash Management Account

Purpose-built for overseeing your business's daily transactions, the Cash Management Account is designed to give you options - with four sizes to choose from, you only pay for the transactions you need. However, you do business; the Cash Management Account works for you.

Cash Management Bundle

Make your banking even more useful to your business when you bundle the Cash Management Account with other CWB tools. From simplifying vendor payments, conducting international business confidently, accepting payments online and more, a Cash Management Bundle is your key to cash flow success. 

A size for every business

 Small Standard Large - Best Value X-Large
Monthly fee  $18.00  $40.00  $75.00 $150.00
Transactions included  22  50  100 250
Paper debit and credit fee1  $0.90 per item  $0.90 per item  $0.85 per item $0.85 per item
Electronic debit and credit fee1  $0.75 per item  $0.75 per item  $0.70 per item $0.70 per item

1Listed per item service fee apply once the free monthly transaction limit is exceeded.  



$0 - $100,000 0.000% 
$100,000.01 - $250,000 0.200% 
$250,000.01 - $15,000,000 0.200%
$15,000,000.01 & over 0.200%


*Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance at the applicable rate tier and paid on the last day of the month, for the period beginning on the last day of the previous month and ending on the second last day of the month. Interest and rate tiers are subject to change without notice. Interest is paid in the currency of the account.

Effective date: ‎23-November-20

Posted rates available at branches only. All rates are per annum and are subject to change without notice.



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