Flex Notice Account

Grow the funds your business doesn't need right now

Designed for businesses that can project cash flow requirements at least 3 months in advance and have substantial cash surpluses.


93-day Flex Notice Talk to your local branch for interest rate4 details 


Monthly fee $0.00


1You must give 93 days written notice to CWB for withdrawal of funds. Notice includes the amount requested, and direction can be given at this time for distribution of funds. Multiple withdrawal notices can be submitted at any time.

2After the Notice Period expires, you have 5 calendar days to withdraw the amount requested. Multiple transactions can be performed during this time. Funds must be available for withdrawal (i.e. No holds). Once the five days is over, a new withdrawal notice will be required.

3A minimum of $100,000 must be kept in the account. Withdrawals cannot bring the balance lower that the minimum. For requests that would drop the account below the minimum, all funds must be withdrawn and the account closed.

4The interest rate is tied to the Canadian Western Bank Prime Rate, and will fluctuate accordingly with that benchmark. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.


CDIC bilingual

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