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  1. CRA Deposit - Business
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Access your money faster with CRA direct deposit

Enroll now for immediate access to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) benefits and payments.

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CRA Direct Deposit Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) direct deposit enrollment:


Ensure that your business has a valid 15 digit business number and at least one (1) of the following accounts:


  • (RT) – Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax
  • (RP) – Payroll
  • (RC) – Corporate Income Tax account.


Ensure that the legal name of the business and the business owner details match the information on file with us and what you have provided to the CRA.

Ensure that a payroll account (RP) is set up to receive direct deposit if applying for Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS).

Additional questions on how to receive CRA payments can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website. Visit our CRA Deposits- Personal page for frequently answered questions regarding direct deposit enrollment and how to set up direct deposit for personal accounts with us.

Learn More about CRA Direct Deposit:

Enroll now Government Payment and Filing Service Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

Enroll now

Sign up now for CRA Direct Deposit

Step 1

Sign in to your  CWBdirect Online Banking account.

Under “Account Services” select “CRA Direct deposit for Business” .
Select NEXT to commence the process.


Step 2

Enter all the required information, company name, CRA Business number or Payroll Account number and a valid account that you will like the deposit to go into.


Step 3

Enter corporate officer information. Note that the date of birth and SIN information is optional but first name and last name information is mandatory.


Step 4

Select NEXT to continue and validate the information provided.

Select SUBMIT to confirm.


Important Information

A confirmation message will be displayed indicating if the enrollment request was sent to CRA. This is NOT a confirmation that the enrollment with CRA is successful. Log in to your CRA – My Business Account for Business portal the following business day (a minimum of 1 business day later) to confirm the success of the CRA setup.

Government Payment and Filing Service

CWB Government Paying and Filing Service

Paying and receiving transactions can be simple for business taxes and relief benefits too!

File federal and provincial taxes and receive ongoing CRA benefits with ease by simplifying your payments and organizing your receivable benefits.

Simplify your payables

  • Make secure payments online for:
  • Corporation Income Tax
  • Payroll source deductions
  • Excise duty
  • Alberta tax vendors

Organize your receivables

  • Receive CRA relief benefits and payments via direct deposit, including Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, Income Tax Refund and GST & HST Credits.

View a complete listing of available provincial and federal recipients here.

Access the Step by Step Guide on setting up Government Payment and Filing Service here.


Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

Access your Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy benefits

The CRA requires employers to register for direct deposit to qualify to receive benefits straight into their account. As a business owner and /or employer, you can ensure fast and secure payments when you register business payroll accounts for CRA direct deposit through the bank.

Signing up for direct deposit will enable employers with approved applications to receive their CEWS payments faster and more securely.

You can also sign up for direct deposits with us even after applying for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS).
Employers already registered for direct deposit and already have  My Business CRA account do not need to re- register.

Important Information

Signing up for CRA Direct Deposit with CWBdirect Online Banking does not imply automatic enrolment for Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). An enrolment application may be done with the CRA directly.

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