Guaranteed Investment Certainty

Stay protected with our special 16 and 27 month GICs.
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Stay protected with Guaranteed Investment Certainty

Skip the volatility of the market and protect your money with the predictability of a CWB GIC. Our new 16 and 27 month terms offer up more choice when your investments mature, so you can plan ahead, while competitive rates mean more guaranteed profit without the risk of losses. Pair this with CDIC Coverage up to $100,000 and it all adds up to a clearer vision of your financial future.

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Choose a term that fits your unique financial goals.
Have a different timeline for your savings? With a GIC laddering plan, you can maximize your returns without locking your money into one term. Split your investment between the two terms to get a higher interest rate, and access to some funds earlier.
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Available for a limited time only. Rate subject to change without notice. On RRSP/RRIF/TFSA or regular GICs $1,000 minimum investment. Interest is compounded annually, paid at maturity. See your branch for details.