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General Questions Logging in Mobile banking: Using CWB's mobile app Accounts Transferring Funds Interac e-transfer® Bill Payments Account services Remote cheque deposit Messages Approving and Requesting Transactions Managing Users

General Questions

I was used to my online banking. Why did it change?
You deserve the best possible experience, whether you're banking with us on or strategizing with one of the experts you've grown to trust in our banking centres. By improving the day-to-day banking you can now do on, we think that'll give you - and us! - more time to have the meaningful conversations about your business that can help you grow and thrive
Does this mean I'll have less personal contact with my CWB banker?
Not at all! You've told us, again and again, that you love CWB because we're a very human bank. That'll never change, even as we offer you modern, sharper banking tools. You're able to do more on, for sure, but our banking centre experts are still here for you to help in all the ways you need. Face-to-face, heart-to-heart, or on, we're better listeners, stronger partners, and more obsessed with your success than ever.

Logging in

Can I log into using either my desktop or tablet?
Yes, works on both your desktop and tablet. We optimize the appearance of the site based on which type of device you’re using. This means the screens may look a little different depending on which device you’re using.  
How do I log into 

You can use the login page or navigate to the site from our homepage on From the homepage, use the drop-down menu on the top right of the page and select the link for You may also want to bookmark the login page for convenient access.

Will I need to download a new app when moved to

Yes, you will have to delete the old app and download the new app. You will also need to update your personal information such as your phone number and email.

If I have been moved to and try to log into the existing digital platform, what will happen?
You will be redirected through a link to 
What is the function of 'Remember Me'?
Enabling this feature allows to remember your username and display it each time you log in from the same device.  
Does the 'Remember Me' function also save / remember my password?
No, to help protect your security it does not remember your password. ‘Remember Me’ will only remember your username when this feature is selected.
Why do I need Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-Factor Authentication provides enhanced security to ensure our digital banking users are who they say they are. We send you a one-time secure access code via SMS/text  or voice message to phone to confirm your identity. 

Will I need to use Multi-Factor Authentication and receive a secure access code every time I log into
Yes, this is an additional layer of authentication to verify your identity and prevent unauthorized access to your account
Can I choose how I receive my secure access code?
Yes, you can choose your preferred way to login from the available methods. To set your default login method, go to Menu > Settings
Do I need to have a smartphone to use Multi-Factor Authentication?
No, you can choose to receive your 6-digit authentication code by voice call to any registered phone number. This includes traditional landlines.
Can I change the phone number I use for Multi-Factor Authentication. For example, if I lose my phone or change my number?
Yes, of course. Contact your local banking centre or call 1-866-843-3917 to change the phone number associated with your login for 
Will remember my credentials for subsequent logins?
For your security, your password must be entered for each login session. You can choose to enable the ‘Remember Me’ feature to remember your username for future logins.
Can I change my username?
No, all users must log into their account using their debit card number / Personal Access Number (PAN) as their username. 
How do I change the password for my account?

To change your password, go to Settings>Profile Settings> Change password. You can also view our interactive demo, 'Change your password', to follow step-by-step instructions.

Does my password ever expire?
No, passwords to do not expire. You can choose to change your password at any time. 
My account is locked from entering an incorrect password. How do I unlock it?

You can unlock it yourself. Follow along the steps in this demo to learn how. If you require further assistance, contact 1-866-843-3917. 

As an authorized signer, when I input a transaction, is it automatically approved?
If you are the only authorized signatory any transaction you input should be automatically approved. If your account requires two signatures, both people will need to approve the transaction. 

Mobile banking: Using CWB's mobile app

Is there a mobile app for

Yes! Mobile banking is better than ever with the app. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Why do I need to register my device?
Registration identifies the mobile device you’re using to log in with as a safe device and adds it to your profile. If a login is attempted from another device, you’ll be alerted. Note: A registered device assumes the person logging in is the same person who registered it. 
Is registration required on my tablet?

No, registration is not required for using a tablet.

Can I use the Face ID® and Touch ID® to sign-in to the app ?
Yes, if your device supports biometric authentication, you can use Face ID® or Touch ID® to login instead of your password.
Can I change to a different login method on my mobile devise?
Yes, you can choose your preferred way to log in from the available methods. To set your default login method, go to Menu > Settings.


Can I change the list of accounts that I want to view on my dashboard?

Yes, you can set your dashboard view to see all your CWB accounts or just specific accounts. Go to Settings>Account Settings to make the change. Watch our interactive 'Manage your account settings' demo to view step-by-step instructions.

What transactions are listed in the dashboard as 'Upcoming Transactions'?
Upcoming Transactions are scheduled payments and transfers that are coming up in the next seven days on your account(s).
How do I get additional details on my account?
Click on the account on the dashboard to view the account summary, interest details, and account information.
What are the different account balances I see on my account?

You can view account balances for the following types of accounts:

Chequing Account

Available balance - total deposit on your account together with unused line of credit, excluding uncleared cheques and holds.

Current balance – this is the working total of all deposits that have been made into your account including uncleared cheques and line of credit.

Savings Account

Available balance - total deposit on your account excluding uncleared cheques and holds.

Current balance – this is the working total of all deposits that have been made into your account including uncleared cheques and line of credit.

Line of Credit (LOC)

Available balance – this is the amount you can draw on from the line of credit.

Current balance –  the is the amount you’ve used from the line of credit.


Original mortgage amount – the original amount of your mortgage.

Current balance –  the amount outstanding from the original mortgage, excluding interest and late payment fees.

Term Loan

Original loan – the original amount of your loan.  

Current balance –  the amount outstanding from the original loan, excluding interest and late payment fees.


Original loan – the original amount of the lease.

Current balance – the amount outstanding on the lease.

Term Deposit

Original deposit – the original amount invested.

Principal investment – the original deposit or rolled over original deposit and interest (assuming the deposit has been rolled over at least once).


Can I view my CWT and Valiant Trust products in
No, this is not a functionality that is available on
Cna I access my Business Visa Card account in
No, the Business Visa credit card is not available on CWB.digtial. Continue to manage your credit card using the MyCardInfo online account management tool. 
Where can I find the renewal date for my investment accounts?

The renewal date is not immediately seen as part of the account listing on the dashboard. Once you click on an investment account, the maturity date and other related information will display.

How far back can I obtain statements through
You can get up to seven years of statements through digital banking. For statements beyond this period, contact your local banking centre.
Why can't I view my account statement when I'm signed in through a browser on a mobile device?

The pop-up blocker on your device is stalling the display. Change the browser setting to allow pop-ups or turn off the pop-up blocker.

Can I choose to give a delegate access to my personal accounts?
No, to protect your personal privacy and security, delegates are not permitted to access your personal account(s) on your behalf. 
With my business accounts, can I choose what accounts my delegate(s) see

Yes, you can select the business accounts you want your delegates to see. Go to User Management > Account.

For privacy and security reasons, your delegate(s)s will not be able to see your Personal accounts.

Can I select which accounts my delegates can see and make transactions on? 
Yes, you can grant access and create permissions for specific business accounts for groups of delegates by creating a custom role. Single delegates can be managed individually. Watch our demo for step-by-step instructions about how to create a custom role.

Transferring Funds

Do I need to add a recipient in CWB as a recipient before I make a payment?

Yes, adding a recipient is a one-time action you need to do before transferring funds to them for the first time. Once you’ve added them, the next time you need to transfer money to them you can simply proceed to ‘Move Money’.

Can I set up a future dated fund transfer?

Yes, simply indicate the date you want the transfer to be sent while setting up the transfer. Future dated transfers can be seen within the Manage Transfers>Scheduled Transfers tab or Upcoming Transactions on the dashboard prior to the transfer dates.

Can I set up a recurring fund transfer?
Yes. When you set up a transfer, you will be asked to enter the number of recurrences, frequency, date of recurrence and/or end date.  
Can I cancel a future dated transfer?
Yes, you have until the date preceding the transaction date to cancel it. Go to Manage Transfers>Scheduled tab to identify and cancel it.
Can I cancel a recurring transfer? 
Yes, you have until the date preceding the transaction date to cancel it. Go to the Manager Transfers>Scheduled tab to identify and cancel it. The entire series of transfers will be deleted from the Scheduled tab.
Can I cancel / delete a single occurrence in a recurring transfer?

No, you can only cancel / delete the complete scheduled series of transfers.

Can I modify a scheduled transfer?
No, if you a need to make a change you’ll have to delete the scheduled transfer and set up a new one.
Can delegates create a new transfer recipient?
 No, for security reasons, delegates can’t create a new transfer recipient or manage existing recipients. However, they can access the list of recipients created and managed by an authorized signer.
Can a delegate transfer money on my behalf?

Yes, a delegate with the appropriate permission settings can initiate a money transfer. Once initiated, an authorized signer is required to approve and complete the transaction.

What is the repeat function on the Manage Transfers>History tab used for?
This function pre-fills fields in the transfer form with the details of the previously completed transfer. The From Account, To Account, and Transfer Amount will be pre-filled. The Date field will default to the current date and the Frequency field will default to once. 
Can I send a global money transfer through
No, this feature is not currently available through digital banking. Please contact your local banking centre to discuss the available options to send money globally. 

Interac e-transfer®

Can I request an Interac e-Transfer® from a 3rd party?

Yes, if you have pre-authorization from the third party to initiate the request.

Can I set up a future Interac e-Transfer® payment?
No, Interac e-Transfer® can only be set up for same day payment.
Can I cancel an Interac e-Transfer® payment?
Yes, if the payment has not been accepted and deposited by the recipient. A transfer sent to a recipient with auto-deposit enabled cannot be cancelled.
Am I able to change my Interac e-Transfer® sender profile?
Yes, you can update your email, phone number and notification method on the sender profile. 
Can I adjust the amount of the Interac e-Transfer® limits?
No, there are pre-set limits on the amount you can send using Interac e-Transfers®.
Can I create multiple sender profiles if I have more then one business linked on
Yes, you have the option of creating sender profiles for each of the linked entities that are combined.
Can I perform an Interac e-Transfer® from any of the accounts in a combined profile?
Yes. To do this you’ll need to create a sender profile for each of the entities for Interac e-Transfer®.
Will Interact e-Transfer® limits be changed or be able to be adjusted as part of
No,  the current limits for e-transfer will not change
I received an Interac e-transfer for money but do not have an Interac profile set up. What should I do to fulfill the request? 
Accept the request and select Canadian Western Bank as your financial institution. You'll be prompted to sign in to Sign in, create a sender profile, and then return to the original e-transfer request to accept it.

Bill Payments

Can I pay bills online?

Absolutely! Paying bills online is easy and secure. Here's how:

  1. Set up the biller as a payee from the list of billers
  2. Enter the amount and the payment date
  3. Select the account you want to make the payment from.

It’s that simple!

Do I have to add a biller as a payee before I can making payment?

Yes, adding a biller is a one-time action you need to do before paying a biller for the first time. Once you’ve added them, the next time you need to pay them you can simply proceed to ‘pay payee’. Watch our interactive ‘Manage payees’ demo to view the steps.

If I can't find my bill payee on the list of billers can I add my billers to the list?

No, please contact your banking centre to make this request. We would be happy to add bill payees on your behalf. 

Can I set up a future dated bill payment?
Yes, simply indicate the date you want the bill to be paid while setting up the bill payment. Watch our demo on how to to 'Make a scheduled payment' to view the steps.
Can I set up a recurring bill payment?
Yes. When you set up a bill payment, you will be asked to enter the number of recurrences, frequency, date of recurrence and / or the end date. Watch our demo on how to 'Make a recurring payment' to view the steps.
Can I change the dollar amount of my recurring payment?
To change the payment amount, first cancel the entire series of recurring payments. Then create a new series using the new payment amount. Single payments in a series cannot be changed or stopped. 
Is there a maximum bill amount I can pay at a time?

Yes, the maximum single bill payment amounts are as follows:

  • CRA Business Tax = $2 million
  • Alberta Tax = $2 million
  • CRA Personal Tax = $1 million
  • Credit Card= $500,000
  • All other bill vendors = $1 million
How long do I have to cancel a same-day bill payment?

You have until 11:59pm MST to cancel a bill payment set up for same day processing.

Can I cancel a future-dated or recurring bill payment?

Yes, simply go to the list of scheduled payments to identify the bill and cancel it.

Can I set a default debit account for my bill payments?
Yes, go to Account Settings> Set Default Account.
Can I pay a bill from a different CWB account other than my default debit account?

Yes, simply change the debit account when making the bill payment.

Will I be able to view the previous transaction activity of a bill payee?

Yes, you can view the last six months of transaction activity for each bill payee.

Are bill payments made in real time?

No, bill payments, including payments made to your CWB Mastercard® credit card, can take up to 5 business days to process. Please take this into account when determining when to make your payments.

Can delegates create a bill payee?
No, for security reasons, delegates can’t create a new payee or manage existing payees. Delegates do have access to the payee list created and managed by an authorized signer.
Can delegates pay bills? 
Yes, delegates with the appropriate permission can initiate a bill payment. The payment request is then sent for approval from an authorized signer.

Account services

Is there a minimum and maximum amount I can pay through

Yes single payment amounts are subject to the following limits:

CRA Tax  

  • Minimum = $0
  • Maximum Business Tax = $2 million
  • Maximum Personal Tax = $1 million


Alberta Tax

  • Minimum = $0
  • Maximum = $2 million
Can I register for direct deposit with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? 

Yes. On the menu, go to Account Services > CRA Direct Deposit for Businesses. A valid business number and a payroll account (RP) are required to be eligible for this service. Watch our interactive demo to view the steps. 

What do I require to set up CRA direct deposit for my business?
You’ll need a 15-digit CRA business number (BN) and an active business account with CWB.
If I had a saved CRA form, will it be moved to
No, any saved CRA forms will be lost when moving to  Once moved, you can create and save your forms. 
Can I pay my business taxes using
Yes. On the menu, go to Payments > Pay Business Taxes. You can pick your forms for both the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Alberta Provincial Taxes and use them to file and remit payment. For other provinces, you may be able to remit your provincial taxes by setting them up as a “bill payee” through the bill payments feature. Search the list of available provincial billers to see if yours is available.  
Can I make a CRA payment over $2 million in a single transaction? 

No, payments above $2 million must be split into two different transactions with amounts under $2 million each. When making two payments on the same day, the amounts must be different (i.e., first payment amount $501,000 and second amount $499,000).

Remote cheque deposit

Can I set a default debit account for my cheque deposits?
Yes, you can. Go to Account Settings> Set Default Account
When depositing a cheque, can I change the default account from what was previously selected? 

Yes, you can do this by changing the credit account when going through the remote cheque deposit process.

When I deposit a cheque through my mobile app, will my balance update in real time?
No. Cheques deposited before 6pm will be reflected in your balance the following business day. Cheques deposited after 6pm will be reflected in your balance in two business days.
How do I obtain a void cheque?

Contact your banking centre to obtain a pdf of a void cheque. You can also find the same information contained on a void cheque by simply viewing your account details. This can be helpful for setting up pre-authorized payments.

Am I able to request a cheque book from within
No, this function is currently not available. Please contact your banking centre to place an order. 
Do my delegate(s) have access to mobile cheque deposit?

Yes, if the delegate has been set up with this permission, they can use this feature.


What types of alert notifications can I receive? 

You can choose to be alerted when secure information is changed on your profile and when a transaction is carried out. Make sure you have enable alerts and set your preferences to receive alerts.

Can I choose how I receive alert notifications?

Yes, you can choose your preferred method. Available options are SMS/text, push notification, notification center and email.

If I have alerts, scheduled bill payments, or transfers currently set up, will these move to
Yes, if you have any of these items currently set up in digital  banking, they will automatically move over to the new (Note: for business customers, transactions need to be approved/cleared). 
Can send secure messages? allows you to send enhanced secure messages. The enhancements include attachments, images, and other files. Watch our demo 'View alerts and manage messages' to see how its done.

Approving and Requesting Transactions

Can I approve pending transaction as an authorized user for my delegates?

Yes. When a delegate performs a transaction, it will appear in the transaction manager or in the menu under Accounts>Approvals as a request that needs your action. You may choose to either approve or reject the transaction. Learn how to do this by watching our step-by-step demo.

What is the '"Due By" date I see when I perform a transaction that requires approval?
The “Due By” date is the date by which an approver must either approve or reject the transaction before it expires.
Can I see the status of the requests I've submitted for approval?
Yes, you can select “View all Requests” from the transaction manager. From there you can get a detailed view of the status for each of your requests.
Can I recall a pending transaction that I sent for approval?
Yes. To recall a request, select "View all Requests" then select the arrow for the transaction you want to recall and select "Recall". Here's a helpful demo that shows you how.
Do I need to approve a transaction that I created if I am also one of the Authorizers required for the transaction?
Yes, you will need to both create the transaction and then approve it. You can do this through the Approval widget on the dashboard.   
How much time do Authorizers to approve a transaction?

The time required to approve a particular transaction is tied to the payment date of the transaction. For immediate payments, authorizers have until 8:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST) to approve the request. For future dated payments, transactions need to be approved before 8:00 p.m. MST on the day before the scheduled payment date.

Can I approve multiple transactions at once? 
No, to help reduce the chance of error, you must approve transactions one at a time. This gives you the opportunity to view the details of each transaction before acting.    
What are Expired Transactions?

These are transactions that were not approved before the “Due by” date. Once expired, transactions can no longer be approved or rejected. 

Why do I no longer see some Approved, Rejected, Recalled, and Expired transactions on the transaction manager?

To keep this information current, transactions are automatically removed from the transaction manager after 35 days. 

Can I perform transactions on my tablet as I do through my browser?
Yes, via browser in your tablet you can perform the same functionality.
Can I approve or reject a transaction using the mobile app?
 Yes, you can approve or reject any transaction using your smartphone and the app. 

Managing Users

How do I set up a delegate?
When you need to set up a delegate, from the menu, go to User Management>Create A User. Follow the easy steps and your new delegate will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their account. Watch this demo for a quick walkthrough of these steps.
Is there a maximum number  delegates that I can create for my business? 
No, there is no limit to the number of delegates that can be created.
Can I disable a delegate in
Yes. From the menu, go to User Management>All Users, then select "Deactivate" for the user you'd like to disable. We show you how in this demo about managing users.
What actions is a delegate permitted to make?
The actions available to each delegate are based on the permissions defined by the authorized signer. All transactions that delegates make must be approved by an authorizer.
Do all delegates have the same permissions? 

No, you have the flexibility to assign delegates with different types of permissions. When creating a delegate, the authorized signer can select different accounts they can view, features they can use, and which actions they can perform.

How do I create a role to assign to my delegates?
Every delegate needs a role that defines which accounts they can see and what features they can access. For your convenience, there are several pre-defined roles you can select from, or you can create your own custom role and tailor it to your needs. We show you how in the create a custom role demo.
Do delegates have limits on transactions?

Authorized signers can define transaction limits for delegates. Limits can be set up per transaction or as daily and weekly transaction limits for every delegate. All delegate transactions require approval from an authorized signer.

Can I set different limits for different transaction types for my delegates?
Yes, you can assign different limits for different transactions types for your delegates.
Can I allow a delegate to authorize transactions?
No, only authorized signers can approve transactions.  
I created a delegate who did not receive the activation link. Do I have to create the delegate again?
No, you can easily resend the activation link to the delegate. Select this from User Management>All Users.
I created a delegate, but they couldn't complete the activation process in time. Do I have to create the delegate again?
No, you can resend the activation link to the delegate. Select this from User Management>All Users
Can I update the permissions for a delegate after they have been created?
Yes, you can always edit the permissions for delegates at any time.