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As we step into a new year with the COVID-19 pandemic, we want Canada’s restaurant owners to know: CWB is still with you.

With new protocols, new precautions and new challenges at every turn, we are keenly aware that the impact on your business has been immense. Responding to public health measures, you’ve had to fundamentally rethink how your restaurants run — tackling problems no one has ever seen before.

We want to help you with one of your biggest dilemmas: reduced seating capacity. Because you don’t need a bank to tell you that Less Seats = Less Revenue.

So this year, we’re giving away XX CWB Dining Domes.

Heated, secure and capable of seating up to eight people, CWB Dining Domes expand the capacity of your restaurant by taking advantage of patio space far too cold to use otherwise. Let patrons eat al fresco without being al frozen, all while capitalizing on outdoor seating areas you lost with the changing of the season (plus, they look pretty great, too. Think of this as a win-win-win.)

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What's in it for you

Every restaurant selected by CWB will receive up to two* CWB Dining Domes**, each with their own heater, lighting, weighted sandbags and a few other touches to really make it feel like Dome Sweet Dome.

*Restaurants with room for only one Dining Dome are still welcome to apply!
** Each CWB Dining Dome has a 10 m² (107 ft²) footprint, is 3.6m (11.8 ft) in diameter, and 2.3m (7.5 ft) high.

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How to apply

  1. Create a video up to 3 minutes long explaining how a CWB Dining Dome would benefit your restaurant and the community you serve.
  2. Upload the video to your restaurant’s Facebook or Instagram Feed (not your Story) and include the hashtag #CWBDomeSweetDome in the caption. (If you don’t include the hashtag, we won’t be able to find your application!)
  3. That’s it! If your restaurant is selected, we’ll be in touch!

Video applications will be accepted until: Month XX, 2021

Rules & regulations

What we’ll need you to do

If your restaurant is selected, we’ll need your help in organizing the shipment of the Dining Domes to your location (don’t worry, we’ll cover the shipping costs). We may also want to interview you about the Dining Domes for CWB marketing purposes. Lastly, if your restaurant is chosen to receive Dining Domes, we’d love your help in spreading the word. We ask that you share a minimum of two social media posts about the Dining Domes, including the hashtag #CWBDomeSweetDome, from your restaurant’s social media accounts after the Domes have been received and set up.

What you’ll be responsible for

If you are selected as a recipient of CWB Dining Domes, it is understood that you must have the ability and capacity to use and manage them. This includes ensuring that your establishment has the required permitting and licensing to use the Dining Domes as part of your operations, and that the Dining Domes are compatible with local health protocols. (If you already have a patio space, or ran a patio in the summer, you're likely on your way.) An external power outlet for the Dome’s lighting and space heater will also be required, along with enough staff to serve the additional seating.


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CWB Obsession Series

We’re of the opinion that obsession shouldn’t be a dirty word. Far from it. We think it’s something to own. To celebrate. That’s why we’re introducing the CWB Obsession Series, to bring our obsession with the success of Canadian business owners to life in exciting and often surprising ways. It may not be what you expect from a bank. But it’s what you should expect from CWB. Because our obsession isn’t just a tagline. It’s how we do business.

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