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A new look for Interac e‑Transfer®

Different screens, same fast and secure service

Your Interac e-Transfer screens will look a little different for a few months.

The main difference will come the first time you receive or request an e-transfer, or recall a declined e-transfer. You’ll now need to enter your Client Card/Access Number – what we call your PAN – on two consecutive screens. (Before – as you know! – you only needed to enter it on one screen.)

You can skip this step the next time by clicking “Remember Me”. That tells your computer to automatically fill the field with your PAN.

This new wrinkle will last till mid-2022. Please know that while it might look a little unusual at first, this process is just as safe, private, and secure as your “old” way of doing e-transfers.

If you have more questions, contact your local banking centre or fill out the form below and we’ll get you in touch with a CWB expert.

Now you'll see this Interac e-Transfer screen first:

screenshot showing the message clients will see when depositing funds to their accounts.


Why have my Interac e-Transfer screens changed?
We're updating our systems and your Interac e-Transfer screens will look a little different for a few months.
Are the new screens secure?
Yes, the new screens have all the security and privacy standards you've come to trust at CWB. They just look a little different than the ones you used before.
I noticed that I need to type my Client Card / Access Number (Pan) Twice. Can I avoid that?
The first time you see your new screens, you will have to enter your PAN twice. But if you click "Remember Me", you can skip these steps next time.
How long will these new screens last?
Likely until the middle of 2022.
What happens when I  click on "Remember Me" but someone I share a computer with also uses it to bank with CWB?

If another CWB client who shares your computer has used the "Remember Me" feature on e-transfers, their PAN might appear in the required fields instead of yours. Just delete that number and type in your own PAN. (TIP: If you use a different Internet browser than the other user/users sharing your computer, the system will remember your PAN and not theirs.)

Note: If you’re using a shared computer and you want to protect the security of your PAN, don’t check “Remember Me.”

Is this change only for receiving e-Transfers?
You’ll see the new screens when you’re receiving an e-transfer, requesting an e-transfer, and recalling a declined e-transfer. 
Does this new process change how AutoDeposit works?
No, AutoDeposit stays the same. In fact, registering for AutoDeposit is a great way to streamline your experience when using Interac e-Transfers. 
What else do I need to do?
Nothing! If you have any problems or you’d like more information, contact your local banking centre or fill out the form below and we’ll get you in touch with a CWB expert.

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