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  2. How to view and manage alerts

How to view and manage security alerts

In today’s digital age, fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making it crucial to stay vigilant against potential threats. These criminals can attempt various tactics to exploit you like:

  • Gaining unauthorized access to your digital banking to obtain login credentials and gain control of your account.
  • Make unauthorized purchases, transfer funds to other accounts, or withdraw money. 

Enabling alerts, via email or text, will provide you with transparency into your account activity, so you will know if someone tries to login or transfer funds. 

Transfer and Payment Alerts:

  • Be alerted to bill payments and Interac e-Transfers made from your account. Or, if you are a business client, if someone makes changes to the Approval Matrix. This way you will be notified if someone, other than you, attempts to move funds from your account.

Account Alerts: 

  • Be alerted to transfers made from your account. This way you will be notified if someone, other than you, attempts to transfer funds to a different account. 

How to set-up alerts:

We are here to support you:

If you receive an alert and don't recognize the activity as your own, contact your nearest Banking Centre immediately. We will secure your accounts, coordinate an investigation into the fraudulent activity and ensure any funds lost are replaced.