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Get Love Stuck!

Show your Pride, inside and out.

“Close the door on hate and let the power of inclusion be part of your business’ success story” – Jeff Wright, CWB Senior Vice President

Every year, businesses that display their Pride are targets of vandalism. More specifically, businesses that place Pride flag stickers on the exterior of storefront doors and windows can have these stickers torn off or damaged.

The Love Stuck project from CWB addresses this head-on. With double-sided printing, the Love Stuck sticker adheres to the inside of a glass window or door while displaying the Pride Flag inside and out. The interior placement protects the sticker from spontaneous vandalism while remaining a beacon of love and inclusion. 

Thank you for getting Love Stuck! Sticker orders are now closed. Stickers will be mailed out in the first week of March. 

Better together

Diversity and inclusion at CWB

We believe that inclusion has power. In fact, that’s one of our values. We know that diverse teams unleash new ideas and perspectives. We work to create an organization where people can be proud of who they are, and allies for those around them. We know that there is power in our differences and we are committed to providing equitable treatment to all employees, applicants and clients. And beyond that, we celebrate our people and those differences.

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Making inclusion everyone's business

Ultimately, inclusion comes down to our own behaviour. And once you know and recognize how powerful one simple act can be in producing exclusion, your next step can be to counteract that behaviour.
Learn how you can make your business more inclusive