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  1. Moving Day
Person working on laptop

It's Moving Day!

Get ready for a better digital banking experience

New digital banking is coming

Welcome to, your new home for sharper, more modern digital banking. You’ll see an updated look and feel, and experience day-to-day banking that runs on the latest technology. We’ve improved functionality, security, and added new features to make your banking easier and more efficient.


Preparing for your move

This page has information and tips to help you prepare for your move to, and a guide to help you get the most from us after you move. It might seem like a big change, but we’ve built knowing that you love CWB because we’re a very human bank. That’ll never change, no matter what happens with our technology. Our banking centre experts will always be here to help in all the ways you need. Face-to-face, heart-to-heart, or on, we’re better listeners, stronger partners, and more obsessed with your success than ever.


On This Page:

Action required before you move to Action required after you move to Answers to your questions about moving to Answers to your questions after you've moved to

Answers to your questions about moving to

Do I have to do anything prior to being moved? 
 If you are a business client, you will need to clear pending transactions prior to your moving day.  
When will I be moved? 
You will receive notifications starting 3 weeks prior to your move in your current digital banking platform advising you of your move and additional details. 
Will I need to download a new app when moved to 

Yes, you will need to delete the old app and download the new app. You will also need to update your personal information such as your phone number and email.

 Here's what the new app icon looks like:

CWB's new app icon

How do I log into

You can log in through You will find the link on the welcome page in the drop-down menu in the top right.

If I have been moved and try to log on the existing platform, what will happen?

You will be redirected to

Will I need to input my Personal Account Number (client card number) to log  into
Yes, you will need to use the login information that you use today when logging into 
If I have multiple Personal Account Numbers, how will I know which one to use? 

You will receive a letter in the mail and notifications in your current digital banking site advising you of your move and details. However, continue to use the login information that you use today when logging into

I have multiple Personal Account Numbers, will they be moving at different times? 

Our aim is to move all your Personal Account Numbers on the same date, however, in certain cases this might not be possible. Please look out for notifications that will be displayed in your current digital banking platform that will advise you of your move date.

I have a joint account with my spouse/ family member/ colleague. Will we move to on the same date? 
Not necessarily. Move dates are assigned individually for each account holder set up on the joint account. This means you may or may not share the same move date with the other person or people on your joint account. Moving on separate dates will not affect your access to the account. All account holders can continue to make online transactions regardless of if they have moved to or not. 
What credentials do I use to log into if I consolidated my personal and business accounts?
You will use your business account information to log in.  
I see that the new app is available in the App Store, can I download and use it?

We are very excited to introduce the app, however this app will only work for clients who have moved to our new platform. If you have not moved yet, please keep using the current CWB app until your move is complete.

Answers to your questions after you've moved to

If I had a saved CRA form, will it be moved to
No, any saved CRA forms will be lost when moving to the new platform.  Once moved, you will need to create and save your forms. 
If I had a set default debit account for bill payment on the previous digital banking platform, will it be moved to

No, you will need to set it up the first time you make a payment on the new platform.

Will my preferred debit account preferences be carried over to
Your preferred debit account preferences will not move over to  You will need to set them up after your move.
Will my delegates move at the same time I move? 
Yes, your delegates will be moving to at the same time.
If I have alerts, scheduled bill payments or transfers currently set up, will these move to
Yes, if you have any of these items currently set up currently in the current digital banking platform, they will automatically move over to (Note: for business clients, transactions need to be approved/cleared).  
What will happen to the transactions in my business account if I don’t clear them before moving onto
If not cleared, those transactions will need to be re-entered and processed on the new platform.  We strongly recommend clearing all pending transactions prior to moving to   
Will I use Multi-Factor authentication with
Yes, you will need to use your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging in and when you update your personal information, password, and other information.
Why is my current app not working now that I have been moved to
After moving to the new platform, the existing app will no longer work. Please delete this and download the new from your Appstore.
How can I update my email address and phone number on the new digital platform?
To update your email and phone number, kindly contact the CWB banking centre near you.

Your moving day is delayed

I received a notification that my move to the new platform is delayed; what does this mean?
It’s important to us that you have the best experience possible with To ensure this, we may need to change your move date. If you receive this notification, it means your move date has changed from the one we previously communicated to you.  Not to worry, you won’t lose your current online banking access, so keep using it as you do today. We’ll also post a notification in your online banking when your new move date is determined.