Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

The Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) is a federal Crown corporation that protects your deposits of up to $100,000 at CDIC member institutions. Clients do not need to sign up for CDIC deposit protection, it’s free and automatic.

The following CWB Financial Group partner companies are CDIC member institutions:

  • Canadian Western Bank
  • Canadian Western Trust Company
  • Valiant Trust Company 

CWB Financial Group accepts CDIC eligible deposits under various trade names.  Trade names include the company names under which CDIC member institutions operate.  Trade names include:  

  • CWB
  • CWT
  • Canadian Western Trust
  • Motive Financial
  • Valiant Trust
  • CWB Financial Group
  • Fiducie Canadienne L'Ouest
  • Groupe Banque Canadienne de L'Ouest
CDIC bilingual

Eligible products and investments:

Personal accounts
  • Apex® Account
  • Basic Account
  • Flex Notice Account
  • Gold Leaf PLUS® Account
  • Motive® Chequing Account
  • Motive® Cha-Ching Chequing Account
  • Motive® RRIF Demand Account
  • Motive® Savvy Savings Account
  • Motive® Savings Account
  • Motive® RRSP Savings Account
  • Motive® TFSA Savings Account
  • Peak Performance® Account
  • Personal Chequing Account (No longer available)
  • Standard Chequing Account
  • Student Account
  • Summit Savings Account
  • The Ultimate® Account
  • US Dollar Flex Notice Account
  • US Dollar Personal Chequing Account
  • US Dollar Personal Savings Account
  • WestEarner® RRIF Demand Account
  • WestEarner® RRSP Demand Account
  • WestEarner® TFSA Account
  • Youth Account
Business accounts
  • Business Account (Netting)
  • Business Current Account
  • Business Current Account PLUS
  • Business Savings Account
  • Cash Management Account Small
  • Cash Management Account Standard
  • Cash Management Account Large
  • Cash Management Account X-Large
  • General Trust Account
  • Interest Reserve Account
  • Organization Account
  • Property Tax Account
  • Strata Solution® Account
  • Trust Fund Investment Account
  • US Dollar Business Account
  • US Dollar Business Account (Netting)
  • US Dollar Business Savings Account
  • US Dollar Flex Notice Account
  • USD Dollar Interest Reserve Account
Term deposits and Guaranteed Investment Certificates
  • Motive® GIC
  • Motive® RRSP GIC
  • Motive® RRIF GIC
  • Motive® TFSA GIC
  • US Dollar GIC
  • Valiant Trust Fully Redeemable RRIF GIC
  • Valiant Trust RRSP GIC
  • Valiant Trust RRIF GIC
  • Valiant Trust Convertible RRSP GIC
  • Valiant Trust Convertible RRIF GIC
  • Valiant Trust Premium GIC
  • Valiant Trust Short Term GIC
  • WestEarner® Convertible RRIF GIC
  • WestEarner® Convertible RRSP GIC
  • WestEarner® RRIF GIC
  • WestEarner® RRSP GIC
  • WestEarner® RRSP-X GIC
  • WestEarner® TFSA GIC
  • WestEarner Premium GIC
Redeemable term deposits and Guaranteed Investment Certificates
  • Canadian Savings Certificate
  • Floating Rate Redeemable Term Deposit
  • US Dollar Floating Rate Redeemable Term Deposit
  • Valiant Trust Fully Redeemable RRIF GIC
  • WestEarner® Fully Redeemable RRIF GIC
  • Canadian Dollar Drafts
  • Certified Cheques
  • Settlement Accounts for Unremitted Sales of Third Party Items
  • Suspense Accounts for Unposted Items
  • Term Deposits Paid Out with Cheques Not Yet Cleared
  • US Dollar Drafts