Guaranteed investment certificates (GIC)

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Safe, secure and predictable, a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, or GIC, is one of the simplest ways to protect your money while earning a return. Like the name implies, a GIC guarantees the money you invest. That means you’ll get back every dollar. You put in, plus what you earn in interest, when the GIC comes to term. How long you invest is up to you. Choose the term length that matches your unique goals, site back and enjoy the worry-free rewards.

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Save smarter with special rates on 14 month and 22 month GICs

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Long term GICs

Protect your principal, while growing your investment so that you can realize your long-term financial dreams. Save for a future expense such as a wedding, a down payment for a home or retirement, risk-free. Interest can be set to compound annually for terms over one year, and choose to renew your investment automatically at maturity.
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Short term GICs

Get the protection and profitability you expect for your funds without the extensive investment term.

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Floating rate redeemable term deposit

Put your money to work with an interest-earning investment you can redeem after a short period of time as you see fit. Calculated based on the CWB Prime rate, if the rate goes up, so does your investment. If rates decline, you can fully redeem your deposit and interest with no interest penalty anytime 30 days after investing. The monthly interest option for Gold Leaf PLUS® clients provides a steady income stream.
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GIC Laddering

Want to maximize your GIC returns without locking in all of your money into one term? GIC laddering gives you the best of all worlds: higher rates, less risk and the ability to access funds every year.

With a GIC laddering strategy, savings are divided into five separate GICs – all with different terms and interest rates. Each year one GIC will mature, allowing you to reinvest the money into another five-year term or access the funds if needed.
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