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Choose the mortgage that fits your life

From house to home, find the mortgage that works for you with the support and guidance of a CWB Mortgage Coach.

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Fixed rate mortgages

Enjoy the security and peace of mind of a locked-in interest rate that won’t change over the length of the term. Your payments are set and won’t change which is ideal if you have a set budget and want to understand exactly how much your payments will be.

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Variable rate mortgages

Stay flexible and pay down your mortgage faster with the possible savings from a floating rate. Take advantage of set payments for the length of the term but with a potentially fluctuating interest rate. As interest rates rise, more of your payment goes to paying interest. As rates decrease, more of your payment goes to paying down principal. 
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Flexible financing that feels like home

Using the value you’ve built in your home, HOMEWORKS® is a flexible credit tool that lets you consolidate debt, renovate your home, grow investments or simply prepare for unexpected expenses at a fraction of the cost of other lending options.

By simplifying your borrowing with low-interest lending and valuable add-ons, you can reach your goals faster with the range of available lending products, including a versatile home equity line of credit (HELOC) and the ability to split your mortgage between fixed and variable rates. 

Whatever your goals, HOMEWORKS® grants you the freedom to access credit when and how you need it.


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Make Your Move

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