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Variable Rate Mortgages

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Variable Rate Mortgages

Stay flexible and pay down your mortgage faster with the possible savings from a floating rate.

Why choose a variable rate mortgage?

Take advantage of set payments for the length of the term but with a potentially fluctuating interest rate. As mortgage rates decrease, more of your payment goes to paying down principal. As interest rates rise, more of your payment goes to paying interest. Your payment remains unchanged as long as the scheduled payment amount is sufficient to cover your interest costs.  We will advise you when interest costs exceed your scheduled payment. You can also compare CWB mortgage rates to help you land on the best mortgage option that suits your needs. 

ll mortgages are subject to meeting CWB's standard credit criteria for residential mortgages. Some conditions apply. 

Our Mortgage Calculators

Explore all you need to know about your new home: compare mortgages, get your estimated monthly payments, and discover how much of a mortgage you qualify for.