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Earn up to 4.850%* on CWB's best GIC rates

Limited time offer on 14, 29 and 51-month GICs. 
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GICs can be used in a variety of ways to build a personalized investment strategy for you.

  • Save for your next big purchase, such as a wedding, new home or dream vacation
  • Earn tax-free returns with a TFSA GIC
  • Grow sheltered wealth in an RRSP for retirement
  • Secure a great return in retirement with a RRIF GIC 
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GIC laddering - what is it?

GIC laddering is a smart and proven way to maximize your GIC returns, as well as protect you from interest rate and credit risk. With a laddering strategy, you will be able to access your savings every year and reinvest them into new terms or invest in different GICs. 

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The CWB Advantage

We craft a personalized investment plan that reflects your priorities so you can achieve your short- and long-term goals—even those that seem out of reach. Whether you want to enjoy weekends at the cottage, build your business, give back to your community or save for retirement, we're by your side to ensure your success. Get a plan as unique as you are.
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