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To open a personal bank account with Canadian Western Bank, you need some specific documents. Learn everything you need to know.

  1. Provide to the bank:
    (a) Two pieces of original, valid identification from among those set out in List A (primary) or B (secondary) of the schedule in the Access to Basic Banking Regulations (see acceptable identification tab). At least one of the two pieces of identification must be from those set out in List A of the schedule; or
    (b) One piece of identification from among those set out in List A of the schedule, if the identity of the individual is also confirmed by a customer in good standing with the bank or by an individual of good standing in the community where the bank is situated.
  2. Disclose to the bank, orally or in writing, their name, date of birth, address (if any) and occupation (if any), if the information is not available on the pieces of identification presented.
  3. Consent to the bank's verifying the pieces of identification presented and the bank's verifying whether any of the following circumstances apply to the individual opening a retail deposit account. The bank may refuse to open an account in the following circumstances:
    (a) If the bank has reasonable grounds to believe that the account will be used for illegal or fraudulent purposes;
    (b) If the individual has a history of illegal or fraudulent activity in relation to providers of financial services and if the most recent instance of such activity occurred less than seven years before the day on which the request to open a retail deposit account is made;
    (c) If the bank has reasonable grounds to believe that the individual, for the purpose of opening the account, knowingly made a material misrepresentation in the information provided to the member bank;
    (d) If the bank has reasonable grounds to believe that it is necessary to refuse to open a retail deposit account in order to protect the customers or employees of the bank from physical harm, harassment or other abuse.  

This list is applicable to ID requirements for opening an account and cashing a Government of Canada cheque under the Access to Basic Banking Regulations.

List A

  • Driver's license issued in Canada1 - permanent Drivers licence only; temporary licences not acceptable
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization - not a commemorative issue
  • Certificate of Indian Status  
  • Citizen and Immigration Canada Form IMM 1000 or IMM 1442
  • Old Age Security card - issued by Government of Canada
  • Passport - Canadian
  • Permanent resident card2
  • Provincial Health Care card3 - issued by Provincial Government
  • Provincially issued identification document or card4 - Bearing photo and signature, issued by any of the following authorities only:
    a) Insurance Corp. of BC
    b) Alberta Registries
    c) Saskatchewan Govt. Insurance
    d) Dept. of Service  Nova Scotia
    e) Dept. of Transport. Prov. of PEI
    f) Service New Brunswick
    g) Dept. of Govt. Service NFLD/Lab.
    h) Dept. of Transport. NWT
    i) Dept. of Comm. Govt/Trans Nunavut
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) card5 - card must be presented to qualify as ID


List B

  • Bank debit/ABM card - name and signature must be on card
  • CNIB identification card - bearing photo and signature
  • Credit Card6 - issued in Canada bearing name and signature  
  • Employee identity card - bearing photo, issued by an employer that is well known in the community
  • Passport – Foreign (if all the information is understandable - i.e. properly translated if in foreign language)

1 For drivers licenses issued for the first time in Ontario, the licenses will reflect an expiration date that corresponds with the date the picture was initially taken, not the driver's birthdate as most provinces use to determine the expiration date. In addition, if there are two drivers with the same name and same birthdate in Ontario, twelve months will be added to the month of the second driver's birthdate e.g. John Smith DOB 30/11/1951 will be printed as 30/23/1951.
2 Citizen & Immigration Canada Form IMM5292 is also acceptable as it is issued temporarily until the permanent resident card is produced and issued.
3 As permitted to be used for identification purposes under provincial law. Ontario, PEI and Manitoba prohibit the use of health insurance cards as ID. Quebec Health Insurance card can only be used for ID if the cardholder offers it i.e. the bank cannot request it. 
4 BC ID cards without an expiry date will not be recognized as valid identification. BC ID cards with an expiry date must not be expired in order to be accepted as valid identification.
5 SIN letter is not acceptable as ID, only a SIN card.
6 Accepted: MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, or well-known company credit card.
Note: All ID presented must be original and valid (i.e. not expired).

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