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White chip debit card and teal flash debit card

Your CWB debit card gives you the ability to make purchases directly from your bank account.

Access to your bank account has never been easier:

  • Interac® debit available at over 500,000 merchant locations across Canada
  • More than 3,300 ATM locations in Canada
  • Interac Flash®
  • CWBdirect® Online Banking
  • CWBdirect Mobile Banking

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Chip enabled technology

  • Secure and protected from fraud tactics such as counterfeiting, transaction replay and card-not-present transactions.

PIN processing

  • CWB debit cards are issued with a pre-assigned 4 digit PIN. PIN may be changed at any of our local branches and should be kept confidential, protected, and changed regularly.

Interac zero liability

  • Interac Flash offers a “Zero Liability” policy to protect you. If your card is lost, contact us immediately. You will not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorized transactions. This includes losses resulting from technical errors, system problems or fraud.

Lost or stolen cards

  • A toll-free number (1.866.843.3917) is available 24 hours a day (within North America) for reporting lost or stolen cards, during non-business hours. Cards will be blocked within 20 minutes.

Note: Use of this card is governed by the terms and conditions of the Canadian Western Bank Cardholder Agreement of which Cardholder acknowledges receipt by such use.

Chip enabled technology

  • Embedded with a microchip that provides increased protection against debit card skimming and counterfeiting.

Interac Flash

  • Fast, safe and efficient payment processing.
  • No single contactless transaction can exceed $100 (PIN entry is required for purchases over $100).
  • Once a cumulative contactless spend limit of $200 is reached, cardholders must validate themselves by entering their PIN.
  • Card must be present at point-of-sale and needs to be less than 4cm away from terminal.

 CWBdirect online banking

  • Take care of your day-to-day banking need when and where it's good for you.
  • Transfer funds, pay bills and access your account transactions and balance in real time, all with the latest security features to keep you protected.

CWBdirect mobile banking

  • With a host of convenient features, CWB Mobile is a fast and secure way to handle everyday banking wherever and whenever it suits you.
  • Everyday banking on the go.