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Creditor insurance

Giving you peace of mind.

You never know what life will throw your way. Make sure that your family is covered no matter what happens.

Canadian Western Bank offers both life and disability insurance on a variety of lending products through Canada Life Assurance Company.


In the event of death, the outstanding balance of the insured loan, plus up to 90 days of accrued interest, is paid off. Your estate, business or family wouldn't have to worry about the debt.

Joint coverage is available.

The benefits your beneficiaries receive aren't taxable and never have to be paid back.

In the event that you become disabled, minimum payments will continue to be made on your mortgage and loans, ensuring that your loans stay in good standing, protecting your credit rating.

You can apply for both disability and life insurance.

Life and disability insurance can cover a variety of loans, including but not limited to:

Residential mortgages Home improvement loans

Collateral mortgages

Lease loans
Commercial mortgages Car loans
Debt consolidation Education loans
Investment loans Business loans
Home equity lines of credit Business leases
Personal lines of credit Business lines of credit

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