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WestEarner® RRSP account

Start your retirement savings plan off right with a flexible option designed specifically for those who can only make smaller contributions. Kick-start your retirement planning, even if your initial deposits are small and transfer funds at anytime to a CWB RRSP GIC or a RRIF GIC.

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WestEarner® Premium RRSP GIC

Make sure your future is secure by growing your savings while protecting 100% of the funds you originally invested. Guarantee a return while reducing your taxable income and enjoying potential tax-savings. Shelter your investments from tax while held in the plan and utilize your RRSP investments to make a down payment on a mortgage or pay post-secondary tuition.

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WestEarner® Convertible RRSP GIC

Enjoy the perks of a registered retirement savings plan with the flexibility to adapt to interest rates. Floats with CWB Prime so you can benefit from rising interest rates. Convert to a WestEarner® Premium GIC at any time and renew automatically for maximum convenience.

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