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Which CWB personal Mastercard is right for me?

Features CWB Rewards Mastercard CWB World Elite Mastercard
Annual fee $0/year $120/year (Special offer: first year fee waived)
Additional cardholder $0/year2 $50 each/year2
Rewards ratio 1 point for every $1 spent 2 points for every $1 spent1
Insurance coverage 5 types of insurance coverage 15 types of insurance coverage
Mastercard Travel Pass
- Yes
Free Global Wi-Fi access - Yes
Income requirements n/a  $80,000 annual income or $150,000 household income. Expects to spend $25,000 on the card annually.

CWB Rewards powered by Brim

With CWB Rewards powered by Brim, you’re in control of how you earn points and where you redeem them. All purchases earn points at the same rate, making your daily cup of coffee just as rewarding as your weekly groceries. Plus, you can redeem points on any purchase with a single swipe, or use points as cashback towards your balance at any time. 

Get up to 30% in points when using your card to shop at over 230 retail partners. 

Earn extra rewards points 3 ways:

credit card icon
Take control of your rewards with the CWB Rewards Mastercard® and the CWB World Elite® Mastercard®
CWB Rewards Mastercard

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for a CWB personal Mastercard Activating your CWB personal Mastercard Earning and redeeming CWB Rewards Account security Additional cardholders Payments Client care and support

Applying for a CWB personal Mastercard

How do I apply for a CWB personal Mastercard?

Applying for your new CWB personal Mastercard takes under 2 minutes to complete.  To get started, visit and click on the apply button.

You'll be asked to fill out general information including your full name, email address, home address, employment information and to select which card you would like. We'll get back to you within a few days with your account and credit limit if you are approved.  

Can I apply if I reside in Quebec, Yukon or the Northwest Territories?
Unfortunately not. The CWB personal Mastercard offering is not available to residents in these provinces. 
How will I know I have been approved?
We'll send you an email to the address provided in your application to let you know the status of your approval, as well as when you can expect to receive your physical card in the mail, and your credit limit once you've been approved.
How long will it take me to find out if I have been approved?
Our team will let you know in as little as 2 business days on the status of your application.
I received an email asking for additional documentation, what do I need to do?
After submitting your application, we may contact you for additional documentation or information in order to verify your identity and, better protect our cardholders against identity theft. If you're contacted by [email protected], please refer to the requests in the email.
What documentation might I be asked to send?
We can use a number of different document types to verify your identity. The most common documents include a scanned copy of your driver’s license, another credit card statement or a bank statement, a utility or gas bill that is in your name or a mobile phone bill that is in your name.
How long will it take to receive my card once I have been approved?
You should receive your new CWB personal Mastercard within 7 to 10 business days of receiving your approval email depending on where you live and Canada Post volumes.

Activating your CWB personal Mastercard

How do I activate my CWB personal Mastercard?

Activation of your new card takes under 1 minute to complete.

Once you receive your new card, visit and enter the full 16 digit number on your card. Use the one-time passcode we've sent to your email address we have on file. Once you log-in, you'll be able to set the PIN for your new card digitally, and your card is activated!

You can now start using your card online and for in-store transactions.

What is included in my welcome package?

Inside of your welcome package, you'll find:

- Your new credit card
- A welcome letter outlining how to activate your new card and other information on your card
- The Disclosure Statement that outlines the fees associated with your card as well as other information like minimum payments and grace periods
- Cardholder Agreement which governs the usage of your account

How do I set or change my PIN?

During activation, you have the ability to set your PIN digitally. If you forget your PIN or need to change it as a security measure, you can do so in real-time through the credit card portal or in the app.

To do this, go to the My Cards section under Account Settings and click on Change PIN. This will prompt you to insert your card number and will then allow you to change your PIN. Your new PIN will automatically be downloaded to your new card on your next transaction.

What is a security question and answer
You can choose from a number of different questions and then type your preferred answer. The security question will be asked by our call centre agents to confirm your identity when you call into the call centre for assistance. This is to protect your account from fraudsters calling in stating they are you
How I change my credit limit?
Changing your credit limit is easy – simply email into [email protected] with your request for a credit limit increase or decrease along with the requested credit limit you would like on your account. Our credit teams will review in earnest and will respond back to you via email within 2 business days with the update to your account or in response to your request.

Earning and redeeming CWB Rewards

What are CWB Rewards powered by Brim?

With CWB Rewards powered by Brim, you’re in control of how you earn points and where you redeem them. All purchases earn points at the same rate (1% for CWB Rewards Mastercard holders and 2% for CWB World Elite Mastercard holders), making your daily cup of coffee just as rewarding as your weekly groceries. Plus, you can redeem points on any purchase with a single swipe, or use points as cashback towards your balance at any time.

You can earn up to 30% back in additional points at over 230 retail partners like Apple, Indigo, Lululemon, Hello Fresh, and Avis. 

How do I earn rewards on my CWB personal Mastercard?

Earning rewards is easy with your new CWB Rewards Mastercard or World Elite Mastercard. You'll earn reward points on every purchase you make using your card.

With the CWB Rewards Mastercard®, you'll earn 1% back in points on every purchase you make with no limitations.

With the CWB World Elite® Mastercard®, you'll earn 2% back in points on every single transaction1.

 1 up to $25,000 in total annual spend starting January 1st. Above that amount you'll earn 1% back in points for transactions.

How do I enroll for CWB Rewards?
Access to CWB Rewards Powered by Brim are automatically set up with your card. 
What is the difference between InCard and eShop rewards?

Both InCard and eShop are great ways to earn bonus points faster.

InCard offers are embedded directly in your card, meaning all you need to do is use your CWB credit card at these partners, either in store or online. Partners with InCard offers include Indigo, Sunwing, Avis, Budget, Contiki, Bloomberg, Hello Fresh and others.

eShop offers are online only offers that are embedded in your card. To access eShop offers, all you need to do is log-in to your CWB credit card portal or app and click on the partner/offer you want to take advantage of. You will be immediately redirected to their e-commerce website and you simply need to use your CWB credit card as the payment method at checkout. Partners with eShop offers include Apple, Lululemon, Nike, Patagonia and others.

How do I redeem the points I have earned?

Redeeming your points is easy. You can redeem your rewards in two ways; as pure cashback under the “Make a Payment” button on the Dashboard or you can redeem against specific transactions.

If you're redeeming as cashback, you can choose the total amount of your rewards or choose a custom amount to insert. The amount of your chosen points value will reduce your total balance due the following business day.

If you'd prefer to redeem against a specific transaction that has been processed like a new computer, clothing or even flights, your total balance due on your next statement will be reduced by the amount of that transaction you redeemed against. All you have to do is click the little blue bar next to the transaction and follow the steps that pop up.

What is the redemption value of my rewards points?

1 point is valued at $0.01, for example: 10,000 points = $100 in value.

Account security

Can I lock my card if I misplace it?

Yes, if you misplace your card and are worried about someone else using it, you can easily lock your card or any of the cards of your additional cardholders instantly. You can do this through your credit card portal.

If you believe your card is permanently lost or stolen, please lock your card immediately and call into our Contact Centre at 1-888-252-4201 in Canada & US (toll-free) or call collect at 647-252-4202 to report it lost/stolen. Our agents will assist you in cancelling your existing card and a reissuance of a new replacement card
What are Lock Online and Lock Foreign?

Take control of your card security with the ability to customize your own security features on your card or on the cards of any of your additional cardholders. You can:

  • Lock Online: lock online transactions when you know you will not be using your card for any e-commerce transactions, in order to protect yourself against fraudsters attempting to use your card information online
  • Lock Foreign: lock foreign transactions when you know you will not be spending in a foreign currency.

Toggle these off and on as you continue to use your card – everything is in real-time so you can turn the block off, make an online or foreign transaction and then turn it back on again to better protect yourself

And, you'll also be notified if a transaction is declined as a result of one of the blocks being turned on, in case you are trying to make a transaction and forgot!

Can I lock my additional cardholder's card?
Yes, you can customize how your children or others can spend on the additional cards on your account. In your Portal or app, you have the ability to lock their card instantly or block certain types of transactions. It is perfect for parents that want their children to have a credit card but not to be able to use it for online or foreign transactions (or if they misplace their card!).
What are fraud alerts?
As you begin to use your new card, our system will automatically learn your spending behaviour and habits. If there are certain transactions that our system deems as an alert, for example a transaction that is coming in from Asia while all other transactions are in Canada, we may block the transaction and alert you. This is to keep your account safe and to protect you from fraudulent attempts on your card.
What do I do if I receive a fraud alert?

Within the SMS or email fraud alert, it will identify the transaction that we deemed high risk and include information such as the amount of the transaction, who was the merchant, and the date/time of the transaction. All you need to do is answer with a Y or a N, indicating whether you performed the transaction or whether it was fraud. If Y is answered, we will open up your card so you can use it unencumbered. If N is answered, we will immediately block your card for future transactions and reissue you a new credit card.

You can respond Y or N either through the SMS alert or the email alert or both. 

What are travel notices?
Within the portal or the app, you have the ability to set travel notices whenever you are leaving for a new international destination and will be using your CWB credit card. Setting a travel notice automatically updates our system to ensure that you won’t be encumbered while using your card internationally while traveling. 
How do I set a travel notice?
Setting a notice is very easy – go to Travel Notice under your Account Settings. You can choose a city or country and then identify the dates you will be travelling and confirm.
Can I change my security question and answer?
Yes, you can change your question or answer at any time through the Account Settings on the portal.

Additional cardholders

What are family cards?

With family cards, you to add up to 5 additional cardholders to your account instantly. Each cardholder added will receive their own credit card and log-in information to view only their transactional activity.

As the Primary of the account, you will have access to view transactions made by all cardholders, lock their card or block specific transactions, and set monthly spending limits for each cardholder. It’s perfect for parents looking for more control and visibility over their children’s spending behaviour and those looking to promote more fiscal responsibility by giving their children their own spending account.  

How do I add additional cardholders?
You can add an additional cardholder to your account at the time of your application, or anytime thereafter by going to My Cards under your Account Management section of the CWB credit card portal.
Can I set or edit spending limits for the additional cardholders on my account?
You can set spending limits under the My Cards section in your account settings. Each cardholder can have their own unique spending limit that resets monthly. Setting spend limits does not reduce your overall credit limit, it just limits what other cardholders on your account can access of your total credit limit.
Do I earn points on what my additional card holders spend?
Yes! All transactions made by your additional cardholders will earn the same amount of points as if you made the transaction. All points accumulate up to your primary account.
Can I track the purchases made by my additional cardholders?
You will be able to see all the purchasing activity of your additional cardholders in your Portal. You can also filter by additional cardholder to track purchasing on an individual level. If you prefer to track their spending in real-time, you can also set up purchase notifications via email notification.


How can I make a payment to my account?

The following options are accessible through your credit card portal, or through your preferred financial institution:

 CWBdirect® Online Banking

  • Go to Pay a Bill in online banking and search for “CWB Personal Mastercard - Brim” as your bill payee. Once you add CWB Mastercard as your payee contact, insert your credit card number under the account number section and type in the amount to be paid.
  • Payments made through the Bill Payment system generally take 2-3 business days before it is reflected in your account.


All other major Canadian financial institutions

  • Payments are accepted from all major Canadian financial institutions. Go to Pay a Bill in your bank or credit unions’ Online Banking platform and search for “Brim Financial” as your bill payee. Once you add CWB Mastercard as your payee contact, insert your credit card number under the account number section and type in the amount to be paid.
  • Payments made through the Bill Payment system generally take 2-3 business days before it is reflected in your account.


Interac Online®

  • Payments made using Interac Online through the Portal are posted in real-time, giving you instant access to your available credit.
  • If you have both an Interac and Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard® log-in to your debit card, this service is not available through your financial institution and payments should be made using the Bill Payment system.
How am I notified when my statement is ready?
We will email you when your new monthly statement is ready to be viewed. In that email, there will be a link that takes you directly to the Statements section under Activity in the portal. You will have the ability to review your current statement under that section, as well as up to 13 previous statements on your account.
Can I view statements that are older than 13 months?
If this is the case, please call into the call centre number or email into [email protected] and we will provide the requested copies. There is a $5 per copy charge for statements that are older than 13 months.

Client care and support

How do I speak with a person?
You can speak to one of our call centre agents by calling at 1-888-252-4201 in Canada & US (toll-free) or call collect at 647-252-4202. Our hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. ET to 8:00 p.m. ET.
What can the call centre assist me with?
Our call centre can assist you with any inquiry you have on your account, including questions about delivery of cards, reissuance of a new card, or questions on rewards or fees associated to your account. 

We can also perform account maintenance on your account such as changing your contact information, performing a product change, or take requests for credit limit increases. We can also redirect you to other agents such as fraud or lost/stolen cards agents, or insurance agents depending on the questions or requests you call in to discuss.
What do I do if my card is blocked and I need to make purchases?
There may be instances in which you do not reply to the fraud alerts we send via SMS and email, or if we believe that your account has been truly taken over by fraudsters, we may block you card.

Please call into our fraud call centre to verify to unblock your account. Once we verify that all of the transactions we flagged were in fact yours, we will unblock your account and you can continue to use your card unencumbered.
How do I report fraudulent charges on my account or a lost/stolen card?

 If you believe your credit card has been used fraudulently or is lost or stolen, immediately go into your account and lock your card. This will protect your account from any fraudulent attempts.

We also provide a 24/7 call centre access to agents regarding fraud and lost or stolen credit cards.

Call into at 1-888-252-4201 in Canada & US (toll-free) or call collect at 647-252-4202 at anytime and press 4 when prompted by the voice recording. You will be immediately directed to an agent that can provide support in cancelling your lost or stolen card and reissue you a new plastic.

Terms and Conditions


1Up to $25,000 annual spend then 1 point per $1 spent thereafter.

2Maximum of 5 additional cardholders. Primary cardholder remains liable for charges made to the account by the additional cardholder.

CWB Rewards Mastercard® and CWB World Elite® Mastercard® are issued by Brim Financial Inc. Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard are registered trademarks and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International, used under license.

The CWB Rewards Mastercard® and CWB World Elite® Mastercard® are not available to residents of Quebec, Yukon, Nunavut or Northwest Territories.
®Boingo is a registered trademark of Boingo Wireless, Inc.
®Brim is a registered trademark of Brim Financial.

All other trademarks in this document are registered trademarks of Canadian Western Bank.

All insurance coverage(s) included with CWB credit cards are underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (RSA). 18 York Street, Suite 800, Toronto Ontario M5J 2T8, pursuant to a Master Policy issued to CWB. Different cards will have different coverage(s). To learn about which coverage(s) are included with a specific card and important information regarding coverage edibility requirements, benefits, limitations and exclusions, go to or review the Certificates of Insurance in your card package. Some insurance coverages may require that purchases, vehicle rentals, common carrier fares, hotel/motel or other trip costs be charged to the card to activate coverage. Other conditions may also apply, so please read the Certificates of Insurance carefully.

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